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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Arianna Skye

The Taxman Cometh!

If there’s one thing I dread, it’s doing taxes. All that number crunching , budget balancing and accounting stuff always scares me. I’m not a math person—Never have been. I’ve commented before that when I first heard the word Algebra, I thought it was a bra made out of algae. However, when I enrolled for my first Algebra class in high school, I found out it was much, much worse. If it weren’t for arithmetic, I probably would have ended up with a bigger scholarship. Damn the math!

I used to be diligent with my tax returns. As soon as I got the W-2 from my employer, I would log into the tax preparing website (a blessing for those of us arithmophobes). I plug in the numbers and in a matter of a few minutes, I’d have my return filed. Now it’s a little more difficult. I have deductions to calculate and receipts to tally. Here’s where I mention that I am a chronic receipt tosser. If I don’t do something with them right away, they’ll end up in the county landfill.

Now, I’ve found the perfect solution. A soon as I get home, I put the receipt or invoice in a gallon zip-loc bag. When I have time, I go in and sort the receipts. Personal receipts in one pile, writing related in the other . I then stick them in two folders labeled appropriately and keep them stored. This makes tax time a little easier to handle.

How do you handle those dreaded taxes?


Kathy said...

LOL I have my own tax business. I always file as soon as I can. I need the refund so I file as soon as I have all the information. I keep track of stuff all year but am just starting to need things for writing. I have to figure out what is writing and what is tax business too. But it's a breeze for me.

booklover0226 said...

My uncle does mine and he's more than happy to do so!

Tracey D

Julie Robinson said...

Great Ziploc solution!! You could be on a commercial.
LOL Really, I do like that idea, cause I end up wtih a purse full of receipts floating everywhere, and then I throw them away when it gets too messy (and nasty). when my intent was to keep them. Will help to see where the money goes.