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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Wendi Zwaduk

Singing Off Key

Why would I write about something so innocuous as singing off key? Honestly, I was stumped on what to write about and feeling a tad overwhelmed when the idea came to me.

I know, I know, overwhelmed... who isn’t?

So I happened to be in my truck, singing along with the radio—at the top of my lungs, since I was alone. While sitting at the stoplight, I took the opportunity to spy on my fellow drivers. Either they were hands-free on the phone, talking to the voices in their head, or singing along to whatever tunes they had going as well. I saw heads thrown back, eyes closed as they either belted out a tune… or screamed in agony, it was hard to tell for sure.

This made me laugh out loud because we all tend to think that, being in the car, we have no audience. We can sing and be campy and have a grand old time because no one else is watching. We can dance and shake our groove thing and just enjoy the music, content in the fact that no one is paying us any mind.

But really? The truth is, you never know who could be watching.

As I wondered what the other people were listening to, it made me think about writing. When I get the idea, the last thing on my mind is whether or not the story will sell. Yes, I want it to, but honestly, I just want to tell the story. I want the characters trying so hard to get out of my head to do just that. I may be the only person who appreciates the story I have to tell (kinda like my singing voice), but I keep at it. Why? Because the story is there and therefore needs to be told and get out there.

So no matter how bad the initial story might be, (just like the fracturing of lyrics) I keep going. I know I’ll never make it on that show with the harsh judges, cuz I can’t even carry a tune in a bucket, but sometimes sending a story in is like going up on stage in front of a panel of harsh judges. You never really know if you’ll pass muster, heck you may leave the auditorium in tears. But like the contestants on that show, I’ll keep trying and hoping to make it well, enough that other people can appreciate and enjoy my writing.

And with that in mind, I’m back to singing at the top of my lungs to the steering wheel.

1 comment:

booklover0226 said...

You are right, drivers do think no one can see them in cars. Boy, have I SEEN some stuff!!!

Tracey D