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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hold Me by Essemoh Teepee

He saw her immediately he walked into the foyer. She was watching the street door; he had come in through the bar.

They had been corresponding for over a year; talking on the phone, using Skype and exchanging intimate images. He knew her face well and her body held few secrets for him. He enjoyed the luxury of looking at her while she was unaware of him. He saw beyond what was in front of him, observing her truth through the filter of knowing.

Then she saw him and her smile was wonderful to see. He threaded his way through the press of people around the reception desk, to stand in the space around her.

“Hello,” she said, looking up at him from her chair, still grinning broadly.

He smiled back, hesitating for a moment and then sat down opposite her, saying, "How are you?”

He watched her face for any sign of disappointment at his presence.

“I’m good. How was the flight?” Her smile was undimmed.

“The flying was fine; it is airports that suck.” He watched her mouth as he deliberately used her colloquialism. She smiled even more broadly; appreciating his innuendo. “You look very happy,” he added.

“I wasn’t sure that you would show up,” she said, her smile slipping a little.

“How could I not? We spent long enough planning this.”

He could smell her now that they were close; her perfume was so much more than the sample she had mailed him. Her warm skin and pheromones had worked their transformational magic, altering the chemical complex of the fragrance.

“I've been here before remember?”

She sounded matter of fact; he could not detect any bitterness. He drank in the velvet texture of her skin; large brown eyes and midnight cornrow hair that he found so exotic.

“Many never get this far and the few that have; well, most didn’t follow through.” She almost whispered this last.

He wanted to explore that skin with his fingers, taste her intimately with his tongue. Instead he asked, “Would you like a drink?”

He had wanted to say something entirely different; to tell her to come with him now, to follow him to the room they had booked in the hotel. He wanted to say, “I need to fuck you.”

“I’d rather go up. We can be more private,” she said, looking around at the people moving through the lobby. “I've gotten the key.”

His stomach tightened and he felt his cock stiffening, pushing at his pants.

“Shall we?” he said, standing and moving aside to allow her to precede him to the bank of elevators. Watching as she reached out and called the car, he imagined those long fingers curling around his stiffness. He felt the restriction of his pants more acutely.

“The room is good,” she said, “I've stayed in it before.”

He wanted to ask her about those other times; the times when her partners had not bowed out at the last minute. She had told him there had been a woman as well as a man, but he had not asked her for details, now he wished he had.

They stared into the elevator mirror as the numbers changed. He looked into the deep cleavage of her breasts, bound by her russet dress. He caught her eyes as the doors opened and she smiled, making him want her.

“Like what you see?” she laughed softly over her shoulder at him as he waited for her to leave the car first.

“Very much,” he said. “You have been very generous with your images, but it is good to really see you.”

She laughed again, shimmying and said. “I know you like my Girls.”

He followed her lead to the room and then reached to take the key card from her fingers. He was taking charge now.

Inside she patiently waited beside the bed as he checked out the spacious room, the generous bathroom and walk in shower.

“The bed is very comfortable.” There was an invitation in her voice he could hardly fail to notice. He walked towards her, very conscious of the erection now straining at his pants.

“Suck me, Blue” he said, using her pet name. He knew it made her squirm with pleasure. She had told him it made her wet every time he said it.

“Yes, Sir.” She sighed, a look of satisfaction on her face as she turned and reached out to unzip his pants.

He watched her full lips part, holding his breath as she took his cockhead between them. He exhaled in a rush, matching the involuntary thrust of his pelvis, forcing her to take all of him to the back of her throat. Her whimpering was bliss, sounds he had heard from her before but now they were connected to the hot, slippery feel of her mouth engulfing him.

He held her head and she cupped his balls as he fucked her throat. His release was explosive, pent up until now from the long travelling. He gripped her hair with one hand, not wanting her to withdraw.

“Swallow it all.” His tone was firm, a second hand around her throat to feel her obedience. When she was done he stepped back and watched her.

Her face glowed with an inner brightness. With a languorous finger she swept some droplets of semen from her chin into her mouth, tongue licking her fingers with relish.

“Thank you, Sir,” she whispered.

He bent to kiss her on the mouth. He could taste himself there, on her tongue as his swirled around her mouth. Her moans were familiar but now excitingly fresh once more. She was a supplicant, accepting his control that released her from constraint.

He broke the kiss and said, “Bed.”

It might have been a question apart from the commanding tone.

“Yes, Sir,” she whimpered and raised her arms to him. Her surrender had felt incomplete to him, until now. They were together at last. Together forever.

He bent and slid his hands beneath her legs and around her shoulders, lifting her from the powered wheelchair and onto the waiting bed.

About the Author: Essemoh Teepee is the alter ego of a fifty-something CEO based in the UK. Writing erotica since 2005 he has a steadily growing following for his deeply sensual writing and audio work. Creator of the Directed Erotic Visualisation audio technique in 2007, he is responsible for very many thousands of female orgasms around the planet.

Both writing and downloadable audios can be found at his web site The home of Directed Erotic Visualisation Discuss Erotic Suggestion and Guided Meditation at

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