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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Author Interview: Christy Poff

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Christy Poff, whose latest book A Matter of Deception is available from Whiskey Creek Press.

"How do you personally distinguish between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography?" I asked Christy.

"This is an interesting question," she said. "Erotica and erotic romance go hand-in-hand depending on how the story goes and the way everything is incorporated into the writing. In the Internet Bonds series, my characters have very erotic relationships which ultimately lean toward BDSM. They are very romantic couples but when in private, their true tendencies appear. As to the line between these two and pornography, I feel it’s a gray area. Years ago, Madonna released a book which many labeled as pornographic because of the content. I took a look at the book and didn’t see anything that, in my mind, could be considered porn—risqué, maybe but not porn. I believe the line is drawn by each person—what I consider fine, someone else would not. There are definite differences but aside from what is defined, it still remains a gray area and there is no black and white answer."

She encourages authors who want to write erotica to go for it. It's important for authors to set their own personal limits about what they feel comfortable writing about. Also, they should make sure that what they write is, in actuality, physically possible.

Most of her research is done online.

"When an idea strikes, it’s easy to research it then and there instead of waiting for a trip to the library," she explained, adding, "which in my town is a waste for most things unfortunately."

She has written straight romance, but finds it more challenging to write erotica.

"I think it's more challenging because of the continuity issues and I like to have each set of characters have their own personalities," she told me. "I don’t want an entire series of every character engaging in the same fetishes, practices, etc. It would then make it boring which I don’t want. I’ve had Masters and Mistresses, guys who are questioning whether it’s okay to be dominated, women who are strong in public but in private need to be controlled and I’ve even written one about a sex doctor who questioned her profession since she’d never been in situations other than “vanilla” (Internet Bonds #5: Doctor Heal Thyself)."

Her family is used to her writing erotica, but they don't read it. She has had them help with research into things like ice hockey, etc.

"My husband didn’t accept it for the longest time because he saw it not benefiting him but now, he’s pretty cool with it since I’ve actually seen some success with this part of my life," she said. "What he didn’t understand for the longest time was my need to see something through from beginning to end. That sense of completion is something I needed. The rest is literally icing on the cake."

On a personal note, if Christy could be anyone, she would choose to be Doctor Who.

"I've watched the series for years and it’s always amazed me how he time travels and meets up with other civilizations," she told me. "After all, why are we the only civilized planet in all the universes?"

She had thought about getting a belly piercing, but unfortunately had a hernia operation. The closeness of the scar to where she would be pierced made her decide against it.

"What about body piercing is sexy?" I wondered.

"If you’ve got a great body and don’t go overboard, it can be very arousing. A tug here, a tug there…"

Her favorite food is York Peppermint Patties, but she can't stand asparagus. Pepsi is also on the side of dislikes because of the aftertaste. Along with her likes and dislikes can be added painted toenails. "I like the look," she explained, "but don't find the time to sit there waiting for it to dry."

One of Christy's favorite things to research is the Civil War and, when she's not writing, can often be found tramping a Civil War battlefield.

"When my daughter went to college, I spent a few days each October at Gettysburg," she shared with me. "I found it a great place to lose myself for a while."

Finally, I asked Christy, "If you could give a new writer one piece of advice, what would it be?"

"I get asked this often and I say the same thing. If you want to write, then do it. I made the mistake of letting a theme editor from the local community college tell me I couldn’t write. Because I believed her, it took a good twenty-five years before I actually got my first book to paper. In that time, I met a woman who wrote children’s books who had the same thing happen to her. She had won several awards by the time we met and, with me, the rest is history so to speak." She added, "Thanks for the chance to talk with you. I loved the questions because they are so different from others I’ve answered. It’s been a pleasure."

You can keep up with Christy on her blog:

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