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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Author Interview: Beth D. Carter

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Beth D. Carter whose Black Leather Pants was recently released in print from Siren Publishing.

Beth shelved Black Leather Pants for four years after she wrote it because she felt like it missed something.

"I read my first erotic romance by Maya Banks, and I discovered what it lacked!" she told me.

Other erotic writers that Beth enjoy include Amber Carlton and Tymber Dalton ("I love their styles," she told me) and Opal Carew, who she says has some great stories.

In erotic romance, Beth believes the story is just as important as the hot and steamy sex.

"Any writer who makes a fantastic plot and characters makes excellent erotic fiction," she told me.

"What are the biggest public misconceptions about erotica?" I wondered.

"Obviously that it’s porn," she said. "I can’t tell you how many times I get that eye roll when I say what I write. Also, when I’m told that writing either straight romance or erotica romance is not true works of art and therefore doesn’t matter. That’s burns me up every time."

There are certain things Beth would never write about, certain boundaries she would never cross.

"Bestiality," she said, hastening to add with a laugh, "of course, not talking about werewolves! There are certain taboos I would never write about because for me they aren't sexy or romantic at all."

"Have you ever written 'straight' romance," I asked, "and, if so, which do you find more challenging?"

"The first novel I ever wrote was 'straight' romance. I find it more difficult to find euphemisms for a penis than writing erotica!" she told me.

On a personal note, I asked Beth who she would be if she could be anyone she wanted.

"I’m pretty happy being me. But I would like some different takes on things…I would love to be a little less hard-headed, have a little more patience. Be a little more thin and have a little more money. But hey, don’t we all?"

She finds whipped cream the best thing to eat off another's tummy because it's not as sticky as honey nor as gooey as chocolate sauce. Her favorite food is sushi and, she added, "seaweed, believe it or not." However, she doesn’t like eating anything "too exotic. Like deep fried bugs," she said. "There's a restaurant in Los Angeles that serves bugs and no way, no how! Or chilled monkey brains, like in Indiana Jones."

Her strangest habit is eating sandwiches upside down. "I eat them bottom side first," she explained. "I've always done it because I don't like the tops of sliced bread, so I eat up to them."

"What is your most embarrassing moment?" I wondered.

"I actually have quite a few of those! When I was about fourteen I went on a date, but it was chaperoned by my mom. On top of that, he was a 'popular' boy so all his friends were at the theater, of course. I went to buy popcorn and just as I made it back I tripped and the popcorn went everywhere! Ug, how awfully for a gawky teenage girl, huh? That still haunts me."

Beth is a very busy woman. She also has a three-year-old son she is raising and she works full time at a hospital. When she's not writing, she also reads, tries to exercise, watches her favorite TV shows, and stays up to date on correspondence.

"If someone were to play you in a movie, what actor would it be and why?" I asked.

"I guess Andie McDowell because I get told all the time she and I look a lot alike. I don’t see it, she’s way beautiful!"

Finally, I asked Beth what advice she would give to authors who wanted to write erotica.

"You can't be afraid who’s going to read it. Yes, your dad might be on that list, or your grandmother. But you can’t hold back from anything."

You can keep up with Beth on her website,

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