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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Viki Lyn

Top Five Gay Murder Mystery series or Wow, I can't wait for the next book to come out!

Good morning! I'm having a blast creating my Top Five lists. Today it's all about reading a good book. What writer doesn't like to read? It's finding the time that's difficult. That, and not feeling guilty for reading instead of writing. My nights are reserved for catching up on my TBR pile - which is about to topple over!

My book list is a mix bag but my favorite genre is murder mysteries. I've read them since I was a kid, and haven't stopped. I combined my love for mysteries with my other love - gay fiction. Here are my Top Five Gay Murder Mystery series. I've listed the first book in the series.

1. Victor Banis - Deadly Nightshade - The first in a series featuring straight cop, Tom Danzel and gay cop Stanley Korsik. What's great about this series is the twists and turns the two men experience and how it profoundly changes their lives.

2. Joseph Hansen - Fade Out - I bought every one of his Dave Brandstetter mysteries. Fade Out introduces gay insurance claims investigator Dave Brandstetter. This book came out in 1970 and was one of the first books that featured a well adjusted, ruggedly handsome gay man. It's written in a hard boiled style similar to Hammett.

3. Josh Lanyon - Fatal Shadows - This is the start of a hot, angst ridden relationship between book seller Adrien English and L.A. cop Detective Riordon. I enjoy Lanyon's clean writing style and how he builds the tension between Adrien and Jake through his five book series.

4. Mehmet Murat Somer - The Kiss Murder - Software programmer by day, drag queen by night, you can't help but fall in love with the Audrey Hepburn look-alike. It's often hilarious and sometimes somber. Set in Istanbul, it makes for one unique series.

5. Scott Sherman - First You Fall - Okay, I'm cheating here, because this is the first book, and I'm just crossing my fingers it becomes a series! Kevin Connor is a male prostitute with a heart of gold - cliché yes, engrossing, yes. Somehow it works. It's laugh out loud funny and I fell in love with all the characters.

Not that I need a bigger TBR pile, but any that I must put on my reading list?

Happy Reading,.

Viki Lyn

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