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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Anita Adler

Indecent Exposure

It was one of those clothing crises, you know, the ones that hit when you’re already late. You see an item of clothing which matches nothing else you own, and your whole being decides you just have to wear it today. I don’t get them often, but when I do, I’ve learned not to fight the impulse. Instead of trying to convince myself to want to wear something else that is less problematic, I use what little time I have to make a plan to wear what I feel like.

Today, the item my entire psyche needed for its health was a grey skirt. It’s made of stretchy tube fabric at the top, then flares out in a beautiful patchwork of grey cotton almost down to my ankles. I had never worn the dress before, but had tried it on: it would in fact be perfect as a dress, pulled up so the tube bit becomes a bodice. The thing was, the bodice was way too soft and stretchy to stay up by itself. It needed elastic inserted into a sewed channel along the top edge, or to have a pair of shoulder straps added.

Now, with the clock ticking, the children waiting to be taken to school, on the one day a week that I have a set appointment, I had to make a plan with either of those options. Elastic in a channel was not an option. I had no elastic, and also needed a sewing machine to make the little channel for it. It could be done by hand, but that would take hours. No, it would have to be shoulder straps. but where would I find a pair of shoulder straps that would match the dress within the next five minutes? Something I wouldn’t have to edge, which could just be sewn onto the skirt as is.

I pulled out every spaghetti strap top I owned. Either their straps would never match, or they were favourites I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice. The search became more frantic. Stockings? These ones would work, but they’d look too much like stockings. Oh, gods, why could I not just wear jeans and a jumper? Because then I’d feel somehow wrong all day, I knew. I had to find something that would work. Looking for inspiration, I dug through the heap of clean laundry waiting to be sorted and packed away later.

And came across this grey cotton thong.

I’m wearing my grey dress as I sit here writing in a coffee shop in town. I feel great: the outfit was exactly what I needed. And you know, it does add a bit of fun to your day to know you’re wearing your underwear over your shoulders.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I can't believe you went through all that trouble! You really knew what you needed today; glad you pursued the goal and got it :)

I'm trying to recall any time that I had something perfect that I needed to wear on a certain day. I'm blank.

Anonymous said...

*grins* I now have a sewing machine, and am proceeding to make a collection of the only clothes I really feel fully myself in: dungarees. I'll post photos on Facebook when I have all of them done.