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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Viki Lyn

Top Five Angst-filled Songs or Wow, Shazam it!

I just heard about Shazam the other night. It's an application for your iPhone or Blackberry that let's you know the song that's playing on the radio, on the television or in the elevator. Okay, I'm not so sure about the elevator but it sounds cool.

Not that I have a iPhone or Blackberry, but I like writing "Wow, Shazam it"!

I have several playlist on my iPod, one labeled romantic songs. This is the playlist I use when I'm writing romantic or emotional scenes. Music has a way of setting the mood. Have you ever watched a movie on mute and realize how different you respond to a scene without sound. Same as books, in a way that a writer sets the rhythm of a scene.

So here are my top five songs I play when I need to write angsty romance.

1. "Falling Slowly", Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - from the movie Once. It's folksy and the lyrics are beautiful, hopeful and sad.

2. "In Your Room" by Depeche Mode - shows my love of the 80's! Talking Heads is another favorite band of mine.

3. "Avalon" by Roxy Music - this is song sung by the lead singer, Bryan Ferry, one of my all time favorite romantic singers. I love his voice.

4. "Building a Mystery", Sarah McLachlan - a strange song that invokes other worldly creatures, especially creatures of the night. It's especially perfect for writing vampire stories.

5. "Collide" - Howie Day - oh boy, this just leaves me in tears.

Bonus song: "Goodbye My Lover", James Blunt. I can't leave this one out.

Whew, that was difficult list since there are so many songs on my iPod that fit this category. What songs make you bring out the Kleenex?

Happy Reading,

Viki Lyn

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