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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Chloe Waits

Flirty Friday Fifteen

I’ve recently joined a new multi-author blog, Romance Writers Behaving Badly.

We’re up to all kinds of naughtiness, and I wrote this post in honor of our Flirty Fridays, which I did as top fifteen list:

How to keep Romance Alive.

1. A man’s heart is through his stomach, so cook naked

2. Never wear granny panties

3. Tell him your fantasies, and then star in his.

4. Watch his adventure movies, provided he sits with you through The Notebook

5. The calories in chocolate body paint doesn’t count

6. Write sexy love notes and pack in his lunch

7. Kiss him like you’re about to separate forever

8. Act out a scene of his favorite erotic movie

9. Play naked Twister

10. Take a soap bar and write across the bathroom mirror what you’d like to do to him

11. Learn dirty words in another language, and recite them

12. Eat a sensual feast together blindfolded eg: Strawberries

13. Heard of a mixed tape? Make our own mood music for love making, all sexy songs

14. Play a competitive game, but play for sexual favors

15. Love coupons, with no expiry or conditions

Have fun, and thanks for joining me this week!

Chloe Waits ~Romance With No Inhibitions
Demon of Desire - a Book Vamps' Top Pick
Flesh for Fantasy -Newest release out now at Phaze

1 comment:

LeslieJane said...

Oh, Naked Twister, the possiblities. Especially as we make our various moves.