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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dreams Come by Chele Diego

The orgasm jolted Tayrn to panting wakefulness. Her breath sawed in and out as she rode the last of the pleasurable shudders.

“This can’t keep happening to me”, she groused. “I’m having more sex in my dreams than I am in real life. “

She jerked her legs out of the tangled sheets and kicked them to the side. Frustration hammered her brain as it replayed vivid and taunting scenes of touching the man who could never be hers except in fantasy. She grabbed her mussed locks of chestnut brown and pulled, hoping the pain would banish the remnants, but even that reminded her of what Burke had done to her. She gulped. So what if her dream self liked being submissive to the company owner’s son. That wasn’t her and never would be. She snorted. Too bad she was such a lousy liar she couldn’t even convince herself. The dreams made her increasingly horny.

It would be worse if she met her dream lover face to face before work at the coffee shop. If she timed it just right, she could avoid him.


“Hey there, Taryn. Missed you this morning so I brought our hard working accounts manager her favorite.”

The sweet scent of caramel wafted over, seducing her nose. “Oh, Burke, you shouldn’t have.”

“Caramel macchiato, just the way you like it with a dab of extra caramel sauce, right?”

His intense gaze ignited little zings and zaps which sent electric jolts to her sex. Oh, shit, he’s looking at me like he does in my dreams. I’m lost if he …

“Oops, I guess they used a bit too much caramel.” He swiped the side of her cup with his index finger and slowly put it inside his mouth. Taryn couldn’t tear her gaze away as his digit disappeared between his firm lips. How she envied the sauce its place on his tongue. She forced herself to stop staring and looked him in the face. She tried to show a blasé attitude while clenching her thighs together.

“Honestly, Burke, you really shouldn’t…” She choked. There was that look again--heated, primal--and his hand reached for her face…her lips. Like a magician’s mesmerized assistant, Taryn parted them in anticipation, her breathing reminiscent of her morning wake-up.

“Are you sure I shouldn’t?” His deep bass rumble vibrated against her nipples. In her state of sexual immobility, he’d gotten close enough to slip his finger into her mouth while standing chest to chest, breath to breath. His other hand threaded into her hair and held her in place. How he’d moved so fast she didn’t know and didn’t care as his slightly calloused index finger gently rubbed more of the sweet sauce over the top of her tongue. Her eyes slid shut at the promise of something more, something needed.

“There’s my sweet Taryn, just the way I like you. Just the way you like it.”

She quivered when he bunched her hair. Just like the dreams, when he’d hold her in place right before he thrust inside, stretching and filling her. A vigorous tug jolted her to awareness and her eyes flared wide open in astonishment. He was gone. Just… gone. Taryn scanned her tiny office for him but he’d vanished. She started to laugh it off as a freaky bout of realistic daydreaming until her eyes spied the macchiato sitting on her desk. A line of swiped caramel sauce trailed up its side. She fell back against a filing cabinet in shock. What the heck was going on?


Taryn’s push, fueled by anger, slammed open Burke’s office door.

“I don’t know what game you’re playing Burke Tuuleuss but it’s not funny. I want to know how you did it and why. Especially the why.” Her body shook with emotions; volatile and frustrated. How dare he play with her! She wouldn’t be treated like a throwaway fuck.

“Let me make myself perfectly clear, I have not nor will I ever consider you a throwaway fuck. I know how you want me to play with you, Taryn. You like the way I treat you.”

She knew she should close her mouth and pick her jaw up off the floor but shock super-glued her to the carpet. Did he just read her mind? Confusion crowded out anger as he casually walked behind her, closed and locked the door. The intent look upon his face, his piercing blue- eyed gaze should have made her run, yet she wasn’t afraid. Yeah, she should be, if not for those dreams. He pulled her against him. She tried to remain stiff but her body betrayed her.

“Yes, Taryn. Those dreams.” At her quick inhale he ground his cock against her butt. “Did you realize we shared them? You’re just beginning to understand how much we share. Can you imagine what it did to me, seeing you day after day in your prim little office clothes, knowing what you looked like out of them? It drove me crazy. I burn for you.”

“You…” His touch stilled her. His hand slid under her blouse, teasing and gliding over her bare skin until he clamped on a nipple and tugged making her shiver. She couldn’t move. Cream from her heated pussy saturated her thong and coated her inner thighs.

“It’s a wonderful thing when a tuuleuss meets his mate.” He shushed her with a stroke and pinch of her other nipple. “Tuuleuss isn’t just my last name, it’s what I am.” He bit her gently where her neck and shoulder met and licked it long and slow. It burned and yet felt so good. “It’s what you are.”

“You might be tall, dark, and sexy, Burke, but you’re also nuts.” Her voice came out whispery soft. His other hand whipped around, shoved her skirt up and targeted her clit. He circled slowly then faster, teasing her with the promise of a finger fuck and retreated. She leaned against him quivering, panting and yearning because this brought it all back. She remembered what the dreams promised. What he promised.

“I’m an air dragon as are you. We mate for life and I claim you.” With that Taryn found herself on all fours, her hands sinking into the plush rug. Burke’s hot breath scorched her ear with a language unknown to her. "Mu arm, my love" He pushed her skirt up higher and ripped off her thong only to bring it up to his nose. "You are wet for me, mu arm. Through me your dreams come. Through me you will know your heart's passion."

She quivered all over as he nipped and licked his way up her back, then pulled her shirt over her head and down her arms until it was almost off, acting like a restraint. His dominance calmed and excited her. She knew with vivid clarity his next intent and her pussy ached for his invasion. She wiggled her ass when she felt his hardened cock bounce against her butt.

Burke growled. “Do not move, Taryn, or I’ll lose control. I’ve waited months for you.”

She all but whimpered when his moist tongue, rough in texture, lapped at her juices like a thirsty man. She wanted to bite him, scratch him, be taken by him and growled.

His voice changed, turning dark and rasping. “You are ready, minu draakon naine, my dragon wife.” That was her only warning. Burke rose, positioned and slammed deep, hitting a spot deep inside that seemed to grab and hold him. Taryn screamed from the pleasure that swamped all her senses. An ancient knowing opened up in her mind and she clenched her pussy muscles until he roared his release. She turned her head and looked him in the eye.

"And now, my husband Burke, te olete minu. You are mine."

About the author: Chele Diego is the pseudonym for a woman who believes the paranormal presents an open canvas for erotic imagination and romance and it allows her to push her earthly boundaries. She has a penchant for men who growl and bite as well as those who sweep her off of her feet in grand passionate expressions of love and desire. When Chele is not being seduced by her characters, she can be found living her own HEA with her alpha guy, researching, baking chocolate anything, reading and at the same time riding herd on a couple of alphas-in-training.


Chloe Waits said...

Chele, very sexy story...enjoyed immensely

Dakota Trace said...

Yum...a very sexy little short. Would've loved to see it as a full length story!