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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Michelle Polaris

Not Light and Fluffy

A recent review of my book, Bound Odyssey, came to the heart of the matter of my writing. An reviewer wrote the following: “I will start this off by saying if you are looking for something light and sunny- this ain't it. If, however you are looking for a good story with plenty of meat, intensity, and a plot with purpose, this one will do just fine.”

I was thrilled because, really, these are the types of stories I intended to write. Stories where the heroes and heroines are wading through the dark inside themselves and battling both internally and externally to get out of it with their souls intact. True love is one of the many tools they use in this battle--their lovers forcing them to come to terms with who they are and accepting themselves.

As a person who values self-examination, I had to stop myself. Why do I need to write so dark? Not to say there isn’t humor in my stories. My characters use humor the way we all sometimes do. To keep us going so we don’t fall into a quivering heap and give into the difficult stuff life often throws at us. I think my love for drama is leftover from childhood. I was a way too lonely and serious kid. Play was not my forte. I firmly believe that writing is therapeutic. My stories are in no way autobiographical, but the idea of helping my characters transform from a place of inner pain is something really magical. I guess it comes down to creation of hope. Creating hope for my characters creates hope for me. It’s what we all need to thrive as human beings.

Ironically, the writing itself is a form of play. Sitting down to create everyday will keep it growing in my life. Adults need to play as badly if not more so than kids. Play brings creativity to our lives. It helps us grow. Reading for pleasure, while ostensibly an activity done solo, is also a form of play. When we read we absorb new ideas, new possibilities, and try them on. Kind of like a game of dress-up in our heads.

So here I am fully intending to keep writing dramatic erotic romance. But if the medium affects the message and the writing itself lifts my heart, who knows. Give me a couple years. I might surprise myself and end up writing comedy.

Michelle Polaris


Adele Dubois said...

I can't imagine life without that creative spark.

Best wishes on your new release.


Dita Parker said...

Such insight and what interesting posts, Michelle! Keep 'em coming, and that goes for the books, too.