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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Michelle Polaris

Gaga for GAGA

Music inspires my writing. I don’t actually sit down to my keyboard and write to a soundtrack as many authors do. Instead, a new song will hit the radio waves and my muse dive bombs down and shouts a story line into my head birthed from the lyrics. It happened to me recently with The Fray’s song, "You Found Me". That story is waiting in the wings for me to write. Each time I hear the music on the radio my muse becomes impatient and nags me about how the heroes and heroine are waiting for me to find the time to start writing the darn thing. I caved and wrote the first chapter, but it had to be shelved in favor of completing other projects.

Sometimes I hear a song that intrigues me and I just know there is a story buried inside. I haven’t mined it for details yet, but it’s in there. When this happens I make sure I store it on my MP3 player. I assure myself that sometime in the future I’ll listen to the lyrics and discover the next perfect plotline and story world. This happened to me recently with the song "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga.

I admit this new pop/glam rock star fascinates me. With a thing for cutting edge fashion and inspired by the likes of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, Madonna and Michael Jackson, she says she’s made it a goal to revolutionize pop music. Okay, taking a trip on the ego wagon maybe, but I imagine it’s a prerequisite for many superstars. (I find it interesting she mentioned Madonna because when I heard her "Bad Romance" single on the radio for the first time I was unsure whether it was she or Madonna singing.) Lady Gaga has begun to be identified as a gay icon and involves herself in political advocacy for the LGBT community. But mainly I just love her music. Her stage name came from the Queen song "Radio Gaga." My friend once asked me to choose the band or performer I’d pay the most outrageous dollar amount to see. I chose Queen. With Freddie deceased, it would take a feat of magic to make this possible and so I dreamed big.

Gaga’s lyrics and videos are somewhat disturbing, but I don’t mind. Pushing boundaries is just my thing. I do it in my stories. I write primarily BDSM romance and I hear Lady Gaga did a bondage themed photo spread for Vogue Japan. A girl after my own heart. Part of me still wants to apologize for falling under her pop spell. As if my musical tastes need to be more refined as I’m pushing forty. But really by that age it’s time to stop apologizing for your taste and accept who you are.

Ironically, I don’t follow much pop culture. I don’t watch television or even see more than two or three movies each year. That I’m taking the time to notice Lady Gaga on the music scene and Google the woman is quite unusual. Even as a kid I never read the teen mags or hung posters of gorgeous male idols on my bedroom walls. Wait, maybe my muse is trying to tell me something. Maybe its not the plot line of a story buried in "Bad Romance", but the artist herself I need to use as a character in a novel. There you have it ladies and gentleman. The act of creative inspiration happening right in front of your eyes on the pages of a blog.

Michelle Polaris


booklover0226 said...

I absolutely adored Freddie Mercury and Queen; they were great!

Tracey D

Carol L. said...

Freddie Mercury and Queen were and still are the best group then and now. I'm known to turn the volume up as high as it can when a Queen song plays on our oldie station here, and it doesn't bother me one bit when the grand kids look at me like I lost my mind. lol Like that didn't happen during the 70's. :)Lady Gaga seems to remind me of Cher in her dress and shock attitude as well.
Carol L.