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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway

How far will Laney go for...EIGHT EROTIC NIGHTS?

In my family, at different times of the year, we celebrate two different holidays. In December, we celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, and in the spring, we celebrate Passover and Easter. Then we celebrate everything in between!

Halloween. St. Patty’s Day. Memorial Day. Independence Day.

You name it – if there’s a holiday to be celebrated, in my family, we find it and do just that.

So when asked me to write a short, romantic, holiday story for their first Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe anthology, I thought about writing a Christmas story.

Then, I started to mull that over...why not write a romantic ménage romance, but have the heroine and heroes celebrate Hanukkah? It would be a different ‘twist’ on a holiday romance. After all, there are plenty of Christmas-themed stories, but few romantic reads about Hanukah.

Eight Erotic Nights by Catrina Calloway is about one woman’s quest to make the best of a bad situation, and do some good in the world during the eight festive days of Hanukah. The eight glowing lights of Hanukah inspired me to write a warm, passionate story about Laney Taylor, a woman whose circumstances just couldn’t be worse, but who finds joy in giving.

Laney, the heroine, gets to share eight, sensual, erotic, nights with two drop-dead sexy heroes – Josh and Zach. They are men you won’t soon forget.

Together, they all find the real meaning of the Hanukkah holiday season.

EIGHT EROTIC NIGHTS...will light up your life!


booklover0226 said...

Most holiday books I've read have centered around Christmas. I look forward in reading on centering around Hanukkah.

Tracey D

Catrina Calloway said...

Hi Tracey!

I agree. Lots of short holiday romantic reads are all about Christmas.

That's why I wrote EIGHT EROTIC NIGHTS. (A little different twist on the holiday season).

: )

Hugs from,
Catrina Calloway