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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Samantha Gentry


A charming seaside inn for a weekend getaway. A large room with king-size four-poster bed, an intimate little sitting area in front of a wood burning fireplace with flames dancing across the logs casting flickering shadows on the walls, French doors leading out to a balcony with the ocean waves breaking against the shore below. No television, no radio, a CD player with pre-arranged music choices, and cell phones turned off.

The basic elements for a romantic and highly sensual weekend are in place and need only be augmented by some additional personal touches. Champagne on ice. Crystal champagne flutes. Scented candles. A box bearing the words A Bed Of Roses containing one hundred scented silk rose petals to be sprinkled across the bed or possibly even arranged in a heart shape. And draped across the foot of the bed? Lingerie as blatantly sexy and skimpy or flowing and romantic as desired.

The rest of it is up to you. An intimate night of tender love making or a weekend of sex so hot that it threatens to set off the sprinkler system. Oh, yeah…don't forget the chocolate.

FORBIDDEN ISLAND by Samantha Gentry is part of the Destination Pleasure series of short stories available at The Wilder Roses (, the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romances from The Wild Rose Press.

Where Murphy Abbott is concerned, Chantal Stevens can't stop asking herself...what if?

Chantal met the incredibly sexy industrialist when he gave the commencement speech at her college graduation. He was polite and charming, yet the promise of ecstasy in his eyes mesmerized her. The moment he shook her hand, she knew she wanted to know every way possible.

Now, ten years later, Chantal misrepresents herself to finagle an invitation to his isolated and very private Caribbean island in order to seduce him and finally discover the answer. One thing she failed to consider...Murphy might have a hidden agenda of his own.

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LeslieJane said...

I like this romantic getaway. The waves on the shore at the seaside inn is soothing and romantic, and then the evening in front of the fireplace could lead to all sorts of romantic ideas. Now, I just need to find a sweetie to spend the time with.

Dena said...

This getaway sounds wonderful. It would be great for all occasions and none at all,lol.

Samantha Gentry said...

Leslie: I've always thought the sounds of the waves combined with the intimacy of a fireplace in a quiet seaside inn makes for a very romantic getaway.

Me, too, on needing to find a sweetie to share it. :)

Samantha Gentry said...

Dena: You're right, it doesn't need to be a special occasion such as a holiday, birthday, or anniversary. Just spending the weekend at a romantic seaside getaway makes it an occasion in itself.