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Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Spotlight:Catrina Calloway


February. It’s the time for valentines, snow, and...hmmm...what else?

The second month of the calendar year can be depressing for some. The holidays are past, all that hustle and bustle is over, so what’s there to look forward to? In some parts of the country, it means, shorter days, longer nights, and a feeling of restlessness.

Ever feel restless? It is like you just don’t know what to do with yourself. It’s too cold to go out, you’ve watched enough television to last for two winters, cleaned enough closets, and well, you’re just itching for something different. I always turn to reading to ease that ‘looking for something different’ feeling. I experiment by reading new authors, and new genres of romance. While I love traditional romantic reads, I also enjoy a good ménage romance.

I never thought I’d find myself saying that, but I have to tell you, I am such a huge fan of ménage romance now that I’ve been reading them (Note: Mia Jae, is an author I love - she has written a couple of terrific ménage romances).

The lucky heroine in a ménage romance gets to work things out...and make love least two, hot, hunky heroes.

After I started reading ménage romance, I decided... why not write one?

Which led to writing several.

While I love writing erotic romance involving one hero and one heroine (I write those stories/books under a pen name), I believe that writing erotic ménage romance settled that ‘restless’ feeling in me to try something new.

So, let me introduce myself to you if we have not already met. My name is Catrina Calloway and I write M/F/M ménage romance.

I started out a couple of years ago by writing a holiday ménage romance entitled Eight Erotic Nights. And from that jumping-off point, I wrote Kissed by the Sun, Body Count and, my latest, The Elves and I.

My heroines are feisty and just a bit adventurous. They’re smart and sexy, while not being those ‘perfect’ kinds of heroines we so often read about. I mean, who can identify with a woman who's a ‘Barbie doll’ clone? Not me. But while my heroines may not have exquisite bodies and looks, they are beautiful and sexy in their own way, and they get to ‘play’ with two, wonderfully strong and protective heroes – men to simply die for. They are men that will heat up your nights, and chase away any lingering mid-winter blues.

Remember my motto: Two, hot, hunky heroes are better than one!


booklover0226 said...

I love m/f/m novels. I have your works on my wishlisht and look forward in reading your posts this week.

Tracey D

Catrina Calloway said...

Hi Tracey!

Nice to meet you.

: )

Hugs from,

Catrina Calloway