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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Michelle Polaris

Up, Up and Away!

I thought to revisit a fun subject I blogged about at the Naughty Author Chicks this past January and have included some of that text below. Since I am trying hard to add fun and play into my life (see my earlier post this week entitled “Not Light and Fluffy”) I will end the week at Whipped Cream’s Spotlight on a light note. So let’s talk superheroes.

Superheroes have made it into non-erotic romance. Not as frequently as other paranormal creatures, but they're there. Notably in urban fantasy, whose lines have blurred with paranormal and fantasy romance. I'm thinking of Vicki Pettersson's Signs of the Zodiac series. Another series closer to straight romance is A.J. Menden's Elite Hands of Justice books, which include Phenomenal Girl 5 and Tekgrrl.

But what about in erotic romance? I admit there may be stories of which I'm unaware with superhero motifs. Certainly there are plenty of vampires and alien species running around in these books with power to inflame desire with a single breath and feeding on raw sexuality. But do any of them have official costumes? Fight on a team of do-gooder kick-butt good guys against evil and injustice? What would an erotic romance superhero power be? The ability to cause an orgasm in a partner faster than a speeding bullet while simultaneously bringing them a romantic happily ever after? To subdue worldwide evil and strife by slamming bad guys with an afterglow ray, causing them to fall to the ground in sexual repletion and then rise and declare their undying love to the first person they encounter? To cure impotency with a single blink, thereby bringing increased satisfaction to couples throughout the world, saving relationships left and right? I think all erotic romance authors deserve erotic romance superpowers. A lot of us already have secret identities, choosing pen names to protect our mundane identities as we blend in with the average Janes driving mini-vans, running to the supermarket, and schlepping to day jobs and kids' sporting competitions.

My superhero persona, if I got to choose one, would be Wonder Whip Woman, apologies to DC Comics. Her cape and lasso would be black leather and her invisible jet would come with an invisible spanking bench. Imbued with the power to bring out the hidden submissive in even the most alpha of males (grin). Okay, maybe not. Instead I think Wonder Whip Woman would fight intolerance for diversity of sexuality, valiantly battling closed minded bigotry against non-mainstream sexual practices between consenting adults. In a way I touch upon this issue in Bound Odyssey, where the post-apocalyptic setting has heightened bigotry against all sexual minorities.

What do folks think of these ideas? Would the superhero motif make it in erotic romance fiction? Should all erotic romance authors be entitled to erotic romance superpowers? What would they be? What persona and power would you choose?

Since I asked these questions at Naughty Author Chicks I have discovered a superhero erotic romance by Savanna Kougar called Her Insatiable Dark Heroes. It’s on my e book reader now ready to be devoured. I hope to enjoy and let it be the first I read in a hot new trend to come. Mark my words, ladies and gentleman. Guess I better start cracking on my own superhero themed erotic romance.

Thanks for letting me visit with you this week.

Michelle Polaris


Savanna Kougar said...

Michelle, with all those super ideas, write that erotic superhero romance... Personally, I think you should go with Wonder Whip Woman.

Thanks for the mention. I hope you super-powered enjoy.

booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed reading your posts this week. Now, it's my turn to purchase this book by Savanna Kougar.

Tracey D

LeslieJane said...

Great, you would add even more books to my TBR list (as if it isn't huge enough)

I have some books in which hero's specifically are superheros. Drawn a blank on the author's name at the moment, but enjoyed the books.