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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Catrina Calloway


That’s the only way I can describe what it feels like when you’re waiting for a publisher to say ‘yea’ or ‘nea’ to your work.

It is like sitting on needles and pins.

Talk about restless! Whew. That’s the one thing about writing that leaves me breathless. It’s when you get that all important answer that you’ve been waiting for...

...or the crushing rejection.

So, I always ask myself: Am I out of my mind to be doing this????

Writing and getting published. Those have been two of my most sought after goals and dreams, ever since I can remember.

In the meantime, life did what it does best and wedged in between those two lofty goals of mine. Sometimes, I’ve willingly let life get it’s way. Heck, I want it all, and maybe, I just may have it. I wanted a husband and family, too, and may I say, I’ve got the absolute best – husband and family, that is. I’ve been married over 30 years to a wonderful man and we have two gorgeous, bright, wonderful grown children who have two absolutely terrific significant others.

Oh, I almost forgot: I have a cute little cat that we adopted. I love him – his name is J.T. (ummm...let me explain...JT is short for ‘Jericho Turnpike’ – that’s where my daughter found the poor little thing just wandering around on the turnpike by her job, so, she rescued him and brought him home and he’s been with us ever since.)

While I did ‘my thing’ – writing and getting published – life did it’s ‘thing’ and gave me it’s absolute best.

Realizing my dream of writing and getting published is just some of the icing on the cake of life, for underneath it is layers and layers of simply marvelous stuff – like good friends, and a healthy life (because hey, without that – I couldn’t enjoy a darn thing). Throw in another life-cake layer of extended family and a job in an economy where jobs are hard to come by, and I’d say, I’ve done all right.

Better than all right.

I’ve got family, friends, a job I love, a roof over my head, food to eat (did I mention I like chocolate???) and an ebook reader that feels so real, I think I’m actually turning real pages in a book (LOL – for more on my crazy, ebook reading adventures, see Wednesday's essay – ‘Old Habits Die Hard.’).

How lucky am I to be able to sit down and write – to get lost in a story and characters – to be able to create something that people enjoy.

Even if I sometimes feel like I’m sitting on needles and pins.

Whether I receive that all-important ‘Yes! We’d love to publish your story...” or ‘Thanks, but no thanks. It’s not right for us,’ being involved and participating in the world of publishing, through writing, is one of the best gifts life could ever give me.

Happy reading, everyone!

Hugs from,

Catrina Calloway


booklover0226 said...

Hi, Catrina.

It's been great reading your posts this week; I've enjoyed them.

I'm looking forward in reading more of your works, right after Body Count!

Tracey D

Catrina Calloway said...

Thanks, Tracey!

I enjoyed meeting you, too.

I wish you lots of happy reading.

Hugs from,
Catrina Calloway