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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Author Interview: Elle Amery

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Elle Amery. Elle writes contemporary romance with highly descriptive, erotic love scenes and focuses on the complex nature of her characters' personalities. Her trilogy-- Saving Sophie, Grace of Fire, and Tally's Gift --along with her newest release, Doris's Desire, are available from Ravenous Romance.

Elle read Charlotte's Web in the second grade and found herself completely lost in Fern and Wilbur's world. She lived on a farm "way the heck out of town," she said, and didn't have any friends nearby to play with. In addition to that—her family didn't have a television.

"To counteract the boredom and loneliness, I escaped into books and into my own fantasy world, where I’d make up fantastic stories. I started writing then, and never stopped," she told me. "A few years ago I decided I’d stop dreaming about being a writer, and actually be one."

Elle told me that, for her stories to be a true erotic romance, the sex and romance have to go hand in hand.

"The storyline wouldn't be complete without sex," she explained, "but the sex needs to add depth to the story, either by causing the hero and heroine to learn something about themselves or their lover, or by giving the reader more insight into the character."

There are many lines between erotic romance and pornography that Elle's not willing to cross, but the most important is victimization.

"I write what I find to be romantic and erotic, and there’s nothing appealing to me about making someone a victim," she told me.

Elle knew, when she started writing fiction, that she wanted to write romance.

"I'm a sappy romantic!" she said. "However, I found that many of the storylines I had in my head had too much of a sexual basis to them--Grace on Fire, for example. In that book, Grace desperately needs to overcome her fear of men and her disgust of sex. The book centers on her steps to overcome this fear, which involve sex lessons from the one man she trusts the most, Wyatt Bennett. In addition to the overtly sexual nature of the stories roaming about in my head, I found that when I wrote sex scenes, they went on for pages and pages – not exactly what traditional romance publishers had in mind!"

As far as Elle's concerned, romance is romance no matter how much sex is involved. She's just as happy reading a romance where the main characters slam the door in her face as they go off to bed, as long as the love story is strong.

"I enjoy writing romance that doesn’t have any sex in it, but I have found that when I do write sex scenes, they flow out of my fingers onto the screen like no other scene in my book. Trying to rein back those sex scenes seems to be my problem," she admitted.

"What does your family think of your writing?" I asked.

"My parents are profoundly proud of me, but thoroughly embarrassed, at the same time! After all, I use terms in my book I don’t think either of them have ever heard, or would want to hear. But my mom is awesome: she may not bring herself to read my books, but she’s bought every one of them. When I told her they were going to be released in paperback, she looked around her living room, which is filled with books, and said, 'Oh. Well. Um . . . but where do I put them?'"

Elle shared with me that if she was going to entertain a character from one of her books, it would have to be one of the heroines.

"I'd be too hot for the heroes, and would feel guilty to the heroines if I made a play for their man!" she explained. "Broody Jake, he-man Wyatt, and that sweet-tongued Trace would find themselves with my hands all over them. I’d like to share an afternoon with Tally, from Tally’s Gift, wandering through her garden, helping her make her Naughty Body bath and body products, and watching her bake one of her fabulous pies. Then I’d grill her for information about Trace that I hadn’t known about when I was writing their story!"

I wondered what body part Elle would pierce, if she had to pierce one.

Elle shivered. "Ugh…needles! I already have my ears pierced, and I think that’s enough needle action for me. But the absolute sexiest piercing for me is a gold hoop earring on a man. Guess it satisfies my inner pirate lust!"

She considers whipped cream the best food for eating off another's tummy. "Wish I could be more original," she said, "but that's it for me. The next best thing—chocolate cake batter on fingers. Sweet, sensual, and there's that zingy feel when someone's tongue slides between your fingers."

I asked, "What is your most embarrassing moment?"

"I have been known to thoroughly embarrass myself, but I think my most humiliating moment was when I was thirteen and madly in love with a neighbor boy. My mom and I were driving home from town when we saw him walking home. Mom slowed to offer him a ride, and I started to scoot up off the front seat to the back. I was precariously perched when he opened the front door and stuck his head in the car. At that moment, I lost my balance. As I fell backward, my legs went flying to the right and the left, giving him full exposure of my little-girl polka-dotted panties. The look the two of us shared as we stared between my wide-flung legs spoke volumes: no, we’d never mention this moment at school."

Other things you might not know about Elle:

~~Her favorite food is corn pudding and she can make a mean milk gravy and fried chicken.

~~She cannot abide slimy foods. "Oysters can hardly be considered an aphrodisiac when they have the texture of snot."

~~She can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue.

~~Her strangest habit is twirling her hair.

"When I was little (and I don't remember this) I used to suck my thumb and twirl my hair," she said. "I quit the whole thumb sucking thing quite some time ago, much to my mother’s delight, but I never could let go of the whole hair twirling thing. I can’t even have a short haircut – I did once and went through hair twirling withdrawal."

You can keep up with Elle on her blog,

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