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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Sharie Silva

Getting the inspiration on

One of the most common question asked any writer is “Where do you get your inspiration?” The answers vary as widely as the personalities of the authors. Often it’s a tough question for a writer to answer because just about anything can spark that muse into action: a news article, a comment made in the doctor’s office, a picture, a memory, something out the bus window or simply wondering ‘what if?’ It’s not all coming from the same place with different stories either.

It’s a question which makes me laugh as an erotica author. Do I propagate people’s fantasies and tell them I lounge on satin sheets thinking of nothing but sex and more sex? Do I lie and say I party every night with the sexiest of men? Or do I tell them the truth…that I sit here in my ratty but comfy warm-ups, cheap snuggy socks from the dollar store and metal band t-shirt, staring at the blank screen for a while. Nope. It’s not wine, chocolate and yummy hunky guys for me. It’s hot coffee, dieting and sitting here alone that’s my reality. Sure I do have a big, hairy man to love on but he works at his job at the same time I’m here working on mine. We lead busy lives which makes time alone a treat we sometimes have to schedule to make happen.

It occurs to me that my boring life maybe where my inspiration for writing erotica actually comes from. It’s just as much of an escapism for me to create the characters and stories as it is for you who read them. If I lived a life like my heroine’s, I’d probably be writing electronics technical manuals. Heck, I never lived a life like that when I WAS young and thinner. That just makes it all the more intriguing and interesting for me to play around with. I can be someone I find alluring and I can dream about all kinds of men and lifestyles to my heart’s desire. It’s safe, and daring and I love having a little naughtiness in my life.

It’s a little scary on my end also. Not only am I getting into what I’m writing, I’m putting my fantasies out there for the world to see and trusting you will feel the same way about them when you read. Normally I wouldn’t talk this stuff among friends, let alone people I’ve never met. It must be some kind of writer exhibitionism. That’s it, I’m an erotica exhibitionist and my readers are my voyeurs. Now that’s a sexy relationship I can get into. Come on by my website and take a peek in my window.


Maggie Dove said...

Hi Sherrie,

i liked the post. There is something to be said for comfy warm-ups, cheap snuggy socks from the dollar store! And there is nothing better than hot coffee to get the mind working!


Author Mary C said...

I love that...erotic exhibitionist! I never thought of it that way, but you got it so right.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with satin sheets either. Oops, said to much.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie and Mary!
I love my snuggy socks so much that I gave them to all the women in my family for Christmas!!