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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Sharie Silva

Today I’ve decided to share an excerpt with you from something I’m writing now. The story needs a lot of work before I can submit it to a publisher but it’s still fun. It’s a novel about one woman’s journey into bondage sex and how BDSM helps her learn about herself. Here you go:

“I’m not laughing but smiling because you have me naked and I have yet to see what you are wearing,” he tried to explain.

Her right hand snaked around from behind him and on down to his crotch. She took his balls in her hand and began to roll them as she might a pair of those Chinese stress balls. He moaned again.

“Louder,” she said as she squeezed them just a little tighter and continued rolling them back and forth in her palm and fingers.

She didn’t have to command him to be louder because it happened just as she said the word. The kneading felt so good, he struggled to keep his knees from buckling.

Again she stopped abruptly and withdrew. He saw movement in his peripheral vision and waited for another crop lash. Instead she stepped around to stand in front of him. Left hand rested on her hip and the right grasped the leather handle of the riding crop to rest it against her bare shoulder.

Maria stood before him wearing liquid black. The latex tightly followed the curves of her hips and stomach like a dangerous road. A deep V ran down between her breasts as though the shiny black cloth could not hold in her ample bosoms in but split apart to show the inner swells of them nicely.

Her shapely legs were covered in a fine fishnet of black and held up by a satin garter belt. The dark tufts of her pubic hair beckoned from the center of her crotch. All he had to do was reach out and…

But he knew better than to do that. Not yet anyway. This is part of the game. The wanting and longing for it. Only when he earned it would he be allowed to touch her in the way he wanted. And the way to earn it is to follow her strict orders.

Oh no, he did not mind at all. The surrendering of himself felt nearly as good as the orgasm to come. No more decisions to make, no more work to be taken care of, no one else needing him for this or that. All he had to do here is what she told him to do and allow himself the pleasure of being pleased. Responsibilities be damned.

“Use me, baby,” he whispered and she laughed.


booklover0226 said...


What more can I say? LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I rather like this one myself. ;)