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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Giselle Renarde

EXCITING NEWS!! Giselle has learned that her new release Ondine, scheduled for release in print and digital formats on March 29, has been released in audiobook format. Click here check it out!

Ten Years On

Have you ever noticed how some songs get permanently attached to memories? Often they’re the kind of songs you would otherwise find annoying, but because they're etched to a memory, whether it be a happy or say one, they move into the realm of nostalgia.

"La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin. Remember that little gem? Would you believe it was released more than ten years ago? How time flies! I remember the first time I heard that song. I was working on a community theatre production of West Side Story, and a gay couple from the cast brought in the newly released single. Before rehearsal started, they popped the CD in the player, cranked up the volume, and got nearly everyone dancing.

Good times. Happy times.

While the coordinated people danced, I sipped my lemonade and chatted with a green-haired lesbian on the crew. She sighed, utterly dismayed that she had to take out her genital piercing and no matter how long and hard she tried, she couldn't get off without it. "Don't you just hate that?"

And then she looked across the room at a pretty girl-next-door in the chorus, dancing to Ricky Martin’s newest hit. "Never fall in love with your best friend," she warned me. She's into superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls. I feel a premonition…

Ten years on, I've gone and done exactly what the green-haired girl cautioned me against. But she was unlucky. Her best friend was straight and in love with a boy. My best friend, though she isn’t quite ready to identify as a lesbian, is happily in love with me.

Bright Blessings,

Giselle Renarde


booklover0226 said...

Congratulations on many things, Giselle.

The "triple" release of Ondine; this must be exciting for you.

And for the love of your best friend.

Good luck and many years of happiness.

Tracey D

Dena said...

That's great you have love with your best friend, I think relationships last when your friends and lovers.