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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Saturnalia by Lindsay Townsend

With the gifts in his arms, Severus ran up the stairs to their apartment.

"That's it. The shop is closed for the day," he called out as he ran. "Melissa has left us a jug of sweet wine and a dish of roasted chestnuts." He pushed open the door to their living room, stopping as he saw Lydia sitting at her loom.

"What are you doing, still working? It's the eve of Saturnalia!"

His wife answered without lifting her eyes from her swiftly-moving shuttle. "I promised this piece for Glaucus by tomorrow."

Severus strode across the room and put his hand on the heddle bar. "There's no need. I've made and given Glaucus five wooden bowls already. He's delighted and happy to leave the cloth until after the new year."

He put his own parcel on the bench, the jug on the floor, dipped a wooden cup into the jug and offered it to her. "Happy holiday."

She took it and sipped. "Ah, so sweet."

"Good, eh?"

"Very. But Severus, the roast pork and leeks will not be ready for another hour or more yet. I did not know you were closing early. "

He leaned down and kissed her sweet lips, licking the traces of wine off her mouth.

"An hour and more? I know something to pass the time."

She blushed and fingered her long hair in its plait. "What if someone comes to the shop?"

"Then they will have to come back." He took her free hand and drew her to her feet.

Her pretty color deepened. "What if someone hears?"

She always asked.

"The walls are thick. The shutters are closed. Everyone else is celebrating. As we will be." He popped a roasted chestnut into her protesting mouth and wove her tightly into his arms.

The instant he traced his fingers down her spine she sighed. When he heard her swallow the chestnut he dipped his head and kissed her again, his head spinning as she drove her tongue into his mouth.

"No, I am master today," he muttered, patting her rump in warning before she undid him altogether.

Her eyes flew open. "You were master yesterday, and the day before."

He loved her sulky pout. "Do you object, Lady Lydia?"

His blue eyes and his smile made her forget everything else. Before she knew it, he was sitting on her loom bench, drawing her face-down across his lap.

He drew a long pink ribbon from his tunic.

"My first Saturnalia gift." He lifted her robe, caressing her work-stiffened legs, thighs and bottom.

"Hands, please." He tapped the small of her back and, when she raised her arms behind her back, he tied them at the wrists with the ribbon.

"Happy Saturnalia, my sweet." He stroked her helplessly raised ass. "Round as the full moon, and all for me." He flicked the ends of the ribbon between the cleft in her buttocks. "Pinker soon than this little trinket."

She jerked her hands, trying to cover herself, but the soft tie stopped her, braceleting her wrists securely out of range of his sweeping fingers.

"Pretty," he murmured, sliding his hand between her legs, tickling her with soft, tormenting circles that went faster and deeper.

Smack! His other hand lightly slapped her rising bottom. Smack, smack, smack...

His spanking aroused her, as always. Her whole backside was tickling and throbbing and she ground her sex against his muscular thigh, wanting more, wanting him. She felt the ribbon rub against her wrists and flutter between her thighs as she writhed and kicked with each stinging pat.

Slap, slap. He was spanking harder now, and quicker. Slap! Slap!

The cracking sounds crashed like lightning in their living room and her ass was burning. In the street below she heard a party roistering down the alley and her voice mingled with their drunken singing.

"Red wine, red roses..."

"Faster!" She wanted to clutch his calves, lift herself to his spanking. The ribbon between her legs was damp with her juices.

Severus fingered her. "Such a snug, lush place. I shall give it my full attention presently, but here is your second present, carved specially for you."

Lydia moaned as he ran a smooth, wine-slicked wooden dildo up and down her smarting bottom cheeks before he eased it into her aching sex. At once she began to move, trying to skewer herself more deeply. Slap, slap, slap.

The dildo fitted her, the spanking made her throb in her buttocks and breasts, a wild spreading heat. When Severus cupped her breasts, dragging her tunic beneath her engorged nipples, she groaned and again tried to free her tied hands.

"Touch you!" she gasped.

"My pleasure," he said smugly and, winding a brawny arm about her waist, he lifted her off his knee and put her across one of the horizontal bars of her own loom. Her feet dangled with the loom weights, her head dipped to where Severus was standing, now naked, his cock proudly erect.

Lydia engulfed with him her mouth, her lips kissing him, her tongue lapping his musky, salty balls.

Slap! slap! slap! slap!. He was spanking her as she liked it, fast and hard, pumping the dildo in and out of her. Gagged by his wonderful cock, she felt him rigid and jerking within her mouth, her own rapture building with his as she sucked and licked. Her bottom felt hot enough to burst and there was a fiery sweetness flooding in her, rising through her breasts and buttocks.

She tasted his lusty climax, heard his groan, felt his long, yielding shudder. The moment overwhelmed her as her own climax blazed through her body.

Smack, smack, smack. He was slowing now, removing the dildo, caressing her with his fingers instead, extending her orgasm farther. In a blissful daze, Lydia knew he would soon lavish sweet oil on her bottom and cream her parts until they were both ready to go again.

Happy Saturnalia indeed!

About the author: Lindsay lives in Yorkshire, England, where she was born, and started writing stories at an early age. Always a voracious reader, she took a degree in medieval history and worked in a library for a while, then began to write full-time after marriage. Her first unpublished historical found her an agent and the second got a publisher in London interested. They wanted her to write with a modern setting, which she did – several romantic thrillers set in Greece, Italy or on Dartmoor in the English West Country - and enjoyed it, but historicals are really her first love. The books Lindsay is currently writing for Kensington are medievals, but she is also fascinated by the ancient world, especially Rome, Egypt and the Bronze Age. When not writing or researching her books, she enjoys walking, reading, cooking, music, going out with friends and long languid baths with scented candles (and perhaps chocolate). .

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