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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Brenda Williamson

It Doesn’t Always Begin With a Kiss

A big question when asked about writing a sex scene is usually, how do I think up so many of them and how do I start them. Well, they certainly aren’t as easy to describe as it is to think them up. Everyone even reads details differently, so I have to remember to mention where particular limbs are in conjunction with the other person. As for where I start, it’s not always with a kiss, but when it is, I like it to be awkward and unique to the couple. I particularly like unusual. I’ve used shyness, mishaps, and in my romantic suspense, In His Protective Custody, I had the couple's first kiss take place in the dark of a stinky dumpster.

As for the rest of the sex scene, it’s a matter of choreographing. And not to take away from the whole romantics of writing, it is a lot of work. Such as remembering to get clothes off before the act, and then having the people in the right position. My first drafts will always have a forgotten limb just dangling where it shouldn’t be, or a foot in the wrong location. It takes concentration to get a man’s pants unzipped before the heroine intimately fondles him with her lips.

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booklover0226 said...

Well the location of the first kiss has my interest peaked!

Tracey D