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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Brenda Williamson

What’s To Not Like About Romance

Everything and anything is possible in a romance, and it always turns out happily-ever-after or happy for now. It’s a wide open field as far as I'm concerned, and anyone narrowing the scope of whose falling is love, is missing the eclectic variety of characters out there to adore or hate. Romance is about the road to falling in love. It can be a spontaneous and quick experience or it can be an arduous journey to finding happiness. With the age of awareness and open-mindedness, the boundaries have expanded for more than the one hero – one heroine story. If a vampire can romance a mortal, then there's no reason a man can't romance a man, or two men romance a women, or any other combination a writer can think up between sentient beings.

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