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Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Brenda Williamson

Day in the Life of this Writer, Brenda Williamson

My day starts quickly. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t eat breakfast first thing. I wake about 4:30 am, and I actually spring from my bed, raring to go. I love to write, and I hate when I get too tired at night to concentrate. So when morning comes, I’m usually at my computer by 5:00 am. Unfortunately, I have a love of retail too and thus, I have an eBay business selling jewelry, so my time is divided. But the workload doesn’t end there. I have 9 house cats and 3 indoor dogs. They demand attention personally, and indirectly. Believe me, that many cats can wreak havoc with their playfulness. I’ve pretty much relegated my knick-knacks down to anything I can keep behind glass doors or that which can tolerate falling on the floor.

Except for eating, I seldom get up from my desk. Everything is within reach, or I can scoot to stuff pretty quickly since my desk chair has wheels and I have hard wood floors.

Winter is my busiest and most productive time. Rain keeps me indoors frequently, holidays beg for cooking goodies, and shorter days keep the house dark and calm so I can write. However, come spring I try to tend the garden, plant roses, and clean the barn. Summer I’m lazy. It’s always too hot, too humid, and I have too much fun lounging in the pool. Although, I can still plot stories in my head while doing the breaststroke.

So there you have it. What my days and seasons consist of—writing, writing, and more writing.

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