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Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Spotlight: J. Hali Steele

A good year can be better.

This has been a good year for me and I've managed to have some good stories published with excellent publishers. I've worked with knowledgeable and caring editors in the e-Book industry and I'm proud to say I'm e-Published!

Something near and dear to my heart is the love of animals. A constant thread in my books, especially those about my Kind cats and the angels is this: we, as people, have done some damage to the world and our precious environment. We can't repair it all but we can help make things better if we each try starting today. I do it by being a donor to my local SPCA. I'm vigilante in reminding family, friends and neighbors to spay and neuter. Three of my four cats were feral rescues right from my own neighborhood.

When I hear stories like polar bears will have no home in the next 10 years, or that there are only approximately 750 tigers left in the wild, it breaks my heart. My great-grandchildren may never know these beautiful animals outside of seeing them caged in a zoo.

We are not the only creatures on earth and we need to do much better in sharing our space. I hope these words will touch you. If we each do the responsible thing by the pets we've chosen to add to our family, by the animals still scraping to survive less and less in what wilderness is left--we can make a difference in their lives and ours.

Read more e-Books. Save a tree today.

Other works by me:

Screwed,available now at Changeling Press, received 4 ½ cherries from Tiger Lily at Whipped Cream Reviews. Read full review@ December 11th, you'll be able to catch up with Purple P. Rose and her cohorts in Screwed Again.

Screwed: An irreverent poke into the world of Women's Erotica.

Purple P. Rose is a brash private investigator. Her latest case has her visiting the city's seediest nightspot, the Mons Venus, with partner and boyfriend, Richard E. Rection. Their new case is full of surprises -- especially when Dick “discovers” he's bisexual.

They are both unaware there's a new and slightly sinister being in town -- Peter Hard, a vampyre who enjoys the taste of women and men alike. He's chosen Purple to be his. Ready to claim her, he uses his powers to coerce Dick to bring him in as a partner.

Their lives will never be the same again.

We kinda doubt yours will, either.

A Panther's Flight is available now at Eirelander Publishing

When a mate is worth waiting for.

Fane Baron is a Reign warrior--a sanctioned killer charged with hunting down the rogue vampyre cats of the Sovereign Kind. Haunted by memories of stalking his best friend and afraid the same contagious addiction will consume him, Fane makes a drastic decision; he'll stop taking blood. He knows the consequences of his decision, the problem is, can he live with himself once he meets her…?

Edy Adair is in a predicament of her uncle's making. A few days from her first change to a panther, already dealing with the clawing emotional turmoil of being in heat, she's headed on a short flight to Arizona with the vampyre cat of her dreams. Only problem, he isn't the mate chosen for her by her parents. The fact is he killed her cousin!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele


Charisma Knight said...

Morning Joann,

I'm so happy for you and all you have accomplished. You are an inspiration to me. May your sales skyrocket!

Best Wishes to you always.


J Hali said...

Charisma, thanks so much! And, hey, YOU are on your way. Eirelander is tops.

Ari Thatcher said...

Congrats on the releases!

J Hali said...

Thanks, Ari. You too, you're on a roll!

Sandy said...

Better late than not at all, Joann. My hubby and I both love animals, wild or tame, and we think it's horrible when people buy pets, and then dump them.

Good luck with your sales, J.

J Hali said...

Thanks Sandy,
It happens so much this time of year that it breaks my heart.

Glad you stopped by.

Amanda said...

Hey Joann!!


With everyone's success it gets me just a little bit more excited for my big day!!!

Your book looks really really good and I can't wait to read it. Oh and I love your main characters name. How'd you come up with it?


J Hali said...

LOL, Amanda, it was a progression from the vamp teeth and not wanting to call him "fang". Fane just popped into my head!

Thanks for coming by.