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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Author Interview: Don Luis de la Cosa

Whipped Cream is pleased to have Don Luis de la Cosa visiting with us. Don Luis has novellas in the anthologies Men, Amplified and The Wildest Ones: Hot Biker Tales, as well as Battery Drain, published last year by Phaze, and Mission First from Drollerie Press. Don Luis is no stranger to erotic offerings, as he was once the Film Page Editor for

Don Luis to me he sees the boundaries between erotica and erotic romance as somewhat fluid in that each will have significant elements of the other.

"There has to be some sort of pull, some magnetic attraction that burbles up from a place deeper than your heart, so to speak, in each of these, some sudden depressurization of the cabin that whisks air from your lungs," he explained. "It still happens to me every time I smell Carolina Herrera perfume not necessarily because the stuff itself is the attractant, but because someone else’s body and face are etched into my memory connected to it. It’s distinctly Pavlovian, except it makes me hungry for something other than food. My own personal opinions on pornography are likely to run then length of an entire interview, only because at one point in my writing career I was the section editor for a sex related website that reviewed porn films, and I’ve seen the entire gamut of productions from exceedingly high production value, mega-budget (nearing $1Mil in costumery, props, talent, post-production, writers, digital animation, sex toys and sound. Did I mention this was ‘porn’?) high drama films to the most basic shoestring budget wall-to-wall or gonzo films that are essentially somebody with a handy cam doing whatever he can to capture the image a la Zack and Mirry. Ergo, pornographic imagery in text, so to speak, can also be construed to mean essentially the same thing, depending on the reader’s opinion: as long as it involves some sort of sexual act, it could potentially be seen as inherently pornographic."

He began writing erotica because he was frustrated by the quality of work he kept seeing out there.

"There’s that old adage about, if you know of a book that you want to read, but it doesn’t exist yet, then you must write it," he told me. "This idea, however, is tempered by a balancing proverb from Spanish that says ‘es mejor no escribir nada, que aumentar el número de libros malos que hay en el mundo’ – ‘tis better to write nothing than increase the number of poorly written books in the world’, and those are really the guiding principles by which I write my own material.

"I’ve published sci-fi erotica, lesbian urban style erotica, a fascinatingly complex gay biker story, and one other m/m novella both of which found their ways into STARbooks Press anthologies. Each of these stories has characteristics that are inherently unique to themselves, and I couldn’t pick one particular item that spreads across my body of work. Strike that, if there is one thing that I’ve managed to do across the entirety of my work it is that I’ve only ever spoken about topics in which I am well versed. That and I’ve always endeavored to put the science back into science fiction. I am Hispanic, I have an enormous breadth of personal experiences, and I read across the range and in two languages, so I attempt to put a lot of that into my stories. Generally, it has to have flow, cohesion, a good, believable story (or, at least, something for which I am willing to suspend disbelief), and the writing has to be captivating, meaning, of a suitably high quality. Otherwise it’s filed circularly."

I asked, "Have you ever written 'straight' romance and, if so, which do you find the most challenging?"

"I've never written 'straight' romance, though I have certainly penned some incredibly hot GLBT romance." He laughed, then said, "What precisely is the point of 'romance' if there's no physical contact? I mean, isn’t that the logical conclusion to the entire affair anyway? One of the best descriptions of this I ever heard was at a writing seminar a couple years back. The speaker was describing a typical harlequin type scene, where the Fabio-esque villain accosts the damsel in distress, binds her to the mast of his pirate ship, and ravages her body in every way that gives her the greatest amount of pleasure. 'That,' said the presenter, 'is not an abduction scene, that’s going on vacation!' This sort of feeling has more or less peppered my opinions of ‘straight’ romance, especially when I read very similar things every time I pick one up. That’s not to say that ‘romance’ as such doesn’t have its place, nor that it is not a worthy endeavor. Really, it sells like hot cakes! But, for me personally, I need the story to go that extra mile to be really satisfying."

Much of what Don Luis writes comes from his own head, he told me. He certainly has a wealth of experiences to draw from. He has three degrees, an "evil day job," he's been riding motorcycles for more than a decade. He's traveled widely-- both in foreign countries and driven across the United States several times. He's learned fighting styles from some very good teachers, and—along with having several tattoos of his own—has been actively designing and tattooing for several years.

When he does need to fill in missing information, though, he usually starts with the Google search bar. He's also found The New York Times to be "an incredibly deep well of valuable jumping off points." In addition, he maintains a network of friendships in many different fields so he can call someone and begin a conversation about something he needs clarification on.

On a personal note, Don Luis has been dreaming for years about getting an apadravya and is thinking about getting one around his birthday.

For eating off another person's tummy, he thinks the best food is cold sesame noodles, heated up slightly. He expanded, "The small of the back is a fantastic sushi bowl, Chocolate sauce, honey, or something similarly sticky sweet for the backside, especially that long canyon. I found Amaretto flavored spray whip cream in the grocery store once and thought immediately that there was only one viable use for this stuff…Strawberries are one of my favorite things to get from a lovers lips, and mango slices are a must for just about any section of the body. If you have an innie, and it can hold blueberries, that’s superextradoubleplusgood!"

Finally, I asked Don Luis, "What advice do you give authors wanting to write erotica?"

"Read like it’s your job," he said. "Learn how to research, speak, and write as effectively as Barack Obama. And most importantly –GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! Go and experience the world, have some sexy experiences in far off places, then come back and put pieces of yourself into your characters and have them interact. You can’t write effectively about anything, or know the reality of reality if you’re stuck in front of the computer screen furtively trying to copy someone else’s style."

You can keep up with Don Luis on his blog,

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