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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Author Interview: Crystal-Rain Love

Whipped Cream is pleased to have Crystal-Rain Love with us today to discuss, among other things, the first book in her Blood Revelation series, Blood Curse, which is scheduled to be released by Imajinn Books.

The Blood Revelation series is an ongoing story based on a prophesy which states three sets of immortals predestined to mate will create special warriors, one of which will save the world from Satan's wrath. Blood Curse tells the story of the vampire, Rialto, and Aria, his specially chosen mate but there are factors which may keep them apart, keeping the prophesy from being fulfilled.

Rain has a "to be written" file on her computer which contains over thirty ideas, many of which have to do with the Blood Revelation series.

"I was an avid reader for as far back as I can remember which naturally fostered a desire to write my own stories," Rain told me. "I was never good in sports and with the unfortunate combo of a speech impediment and severe shyness I didn't excel in anything that required me to be seen or heard. I naturally turned to writing to express myself. Poems, lyrics, essays, stories, you name it and I wrote it. It was the only thing I seemed good at in my youth so I clung to it."

Being in between jobs right now has given Rain the opportunity to get a lot of writing done while her kids are at school. "I just park myself in a chair, boot up the laptop, and write as much as I possibly can, averaging between 2500-6000 words a day," she said. "When I get back to work my writing time will diminish. When I was working I tended to get most of my writing done between midnight and two in the morning. I imagine I'll go back to that when I find a job."

She told me that she dreams of the day when she can support herself writing full-time. She's very much a night person and would love to be able to stay up all night and write, then sleep all day.

She realizes, though, that writing professionally is not for the weak.

"Despite popular belief it is not some cushy gig where you play all day, type up a book in about a week's time and you're an instant success," she said. "If you want to be a published author, you have to treat writing as a J-O-B and stick to it. Once you complete a novel, you're going to have to build up a tough skin, too, because you're going to hear things you don't like. Even the greatest authors have to suffer through revisions and rejections. And if you can't take criticism and actually apply it to perfect your craft, your road to publication is going to be a loooooong one."

Rain used to deal with writer's block by stepping away from the book she's working on and waiting until something sparked an idea, but she doesn't have that luxury now that she's writing professionally.

"With deadlines and a need to keep building my backlist I can no longer do that," she explained. "I've started working on multiple projects so that if all of a sudden my paranormal screeches to a halt I can work on the contemporary for a while. This usually helps, but if I have a deadline on a specific book and I'm really blocked, I sometimes have to find the point where I lost my mojo and hit the delete key. I've deleted whole chapters before in order to go another way and keep the ball rolling."

Rain has written nine books to date. Two are published and five are scheduled to be released. The other two? They are the first Rain ever wrote and she said, "They may stay hidden in my cabinet."

In addition to the contracted books, she has three others in progress. But, of all the ones she's completed, her favorite is the second book in the Blood Revelation series.

"I remember reading it after I was done," she told me, "and saying to myself, 'Holy cow. When did I learn to write like that?' The characters are awesome, my favorite by far. I wanted to cry when I finished the book because I had so much fun with the hero and heroine. I suppose it helps that the hero looks just like Jensen Ackles."

Jensen Ackles is Rain's favorite actor, and she has recently drawn portraits of him and her favorite singer, David Cook. Her favorite authors are many.

"Stephen King is without a doubt the greatest horror author of all time. It's frightening what that man can conjure in his mind," she said. "I was obsessed with classics as a child and adored Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, and F.Scott Fitzgerald. Maggie Shayne wrote the first vampire romance I ever read and Twilight Hunger is one of few books I will read over and over again. Gena Showalter is incapable of writing a bad book. I read everything she puts out the moment it's available. I've recently discovered Joan Johnston and want to read her entire backlist. She has the greatest characters."

For Rain, a book has to evoke some kind of emotion before she can consider it great. It doesn't matter if a book makes you laugh out loud, shed a tear, or both—as long as a book evokes an emotion, it's done its job.

The hardest part of writing, for Rain, is the sex scenes. "It was really hard to do so when I started writing because of the fear my mother or brother will read them," she confessed. "It's silly, I know, for a woman my age, especially when you consider I have three children, but it embarrasses me to think of my family members reading sex scenes I write. Eventually I just had to say to heck with it and write them."

Rain uses her book covers in place of profile pictures on all the social networks because she thinks they look better than her own pictures. "One of the best things about being an author," she said, "is that you can hide behind your books."

On a personal note, whenever Rain goes into a bathroom, she always has to look behind the shower curtain. "I blame it on watching a Psycho marathon when I was a kid," she told me. "To this day, I'm afraid Anthony Perkins is going to jump out and slash me to bits when I go to the bathroom."

"Rain," I said. "You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?"

"The hardest thing I ever went through was losing my father to cancer four years ago," she replied. "He had leukemia and melanoma so it was really bad in the end and we had to say goodbye to him at too young of an age. I continually have vivid, realistic dreams about him being alive and it's awful to wake up from those dreams and get hit with his death all over again." You can keep up with Rain on her website,

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