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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 by Genre: All Suspense / Mystery Reviews

A Devil’s Bargain by Emma Wildes
A Terrible Tryst of Fate by Christopher Newman
A Trick Of The Moon by Melinda Barron
Alaskan Heat by Pam Champagne
Anytime Darlin’ by Julia Barrett
Artifact by Melody Knight
Behaving Badly by G. A. Hauser
Born to Run by Jenna Byrnes
Bridging the Gap by Annmarie McKenna
The Brotherhood: To Slay or To Lay by Elizabeth Miette
Cavern Dancer by Kate Hill
Cocked And Loaded by Desiree Holt
Crossroads by Keta Diablo
D Is For Desire by Jianne Carlo
Dancing in the Dark by Jamie Hill
Dark Desires of the Druids 1: Murder and Magick by Isabel Roman
Dark Legion (Collection) by Isabella Jordan
Desiring the Darkness by Shiela Stewart
Edge of the Storm by Jennifer McKenzie
Exposure by Lisabet Sarai
Extra Cream 2: Hot Tin Roof by J. Hali Steele
Field of Desire by Sherri L. Gibson
Geography of Murder by P. A. Brown
Goth by Karen Lewis
Haunted Seduction by Morgan James
Hell's Belles Book 1: Devil’s Advocate by Wendi Darlin
Her Mother’s Killer by Melissa Schroeder
Hungry Heart by Jenna Byrnes
Inferno by Bianca D'Arc
Joe’s Birthday Girl by Corinne Shaw
The Joy of Ex by Brit Ryan
LA Heat by P.A. Brown
Lessons in Desire by Charlie Cochrane
Lessons in Discovery by Charlie Cochrane
Lessons in Love by Charlie Cochrane
Lessons in Power by Charlie Cochrane
Lessons In Temptation by Charlie Cochrane
Like Coffee and Doughnuts by Elle Parker
Livin' on a Prayer, Slippery When Wet by Jude Mason
Looks Are Deceiving by Michele Hart
Lost by Zoe Nichols
Love's Bounty by Nina Pierce
Midnight at the 11th Hour Cowboy Bar by Skye Alexander
Mind Games by Cecilia Tan
Murder by Design by Jade Falconer
Murder Most Gay by John Simpson
Once In A Blue Moon by Tracey H. Kitts
Once in A Lifetime by Jade Falconer
Personal Protection by Leah Braemel
Pisces: Teacher’s Pet by Sephera Giron
The Prosecutor’s Paramour by Lara Santiago
Rapture by Iona Blair
Rude Awakening by Veronica Chadwick
Sari by Rose Middleton
Saved by a Deputy by Carol McKenzie
The Second Ex by Brit Ryan
The Seductress by Morgan Ashbury
Send 'Em Packing by Hannah Beckham
Sexual Studies 2: Blindsided by Kate Watterson
Shutter by Trista Ann Michaels
Sins of Susan by Iona Blair
Smart Ass: Close Quarters by Amber Green & LB Gregg
Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon
Spaceport: The Adana Affair by Mikala Ash
Spider Island by Cricket Sawyer
The Stetson by Betty Womack
Sting of Desire by Lillian Feisty
The Sweet Flag by Jeanne Barrack
T Is for Temptation by Jianne Carlo
The Topaz Embrace: The Oracle Standard by Antonia Pearce
Tropic of Desire by Antonia Pearce
Wanted Dead or Alive by Jenna Byrnes
White Wolf by Jianne Carlo

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