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Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 by Genre: All Action/Adventure Reviews

A Strange New Breed by Wendy Stone
A Terrible Tryst of Fate by Christopher Newman
A Witch's Beauty by Joey W. Hill
Accidental Mates : Draco by Brenda Steele
Accidental Mates: Ladan by Brenda Steele
Accidental Mates: Ryuu by Brenda Steele
Accidental Mates: Tav by Brenda Steele
Adarkan's Salvation by Becca Dale
At Any Cost by Allie K. Adams
At Drogan's Command by Selena Illyria
Bad Angels: Burn by Belinda McBride
Badlands 2:Two Wanted Men by Elle Saint James
Battery Drain by Don Luis de la Cosa
Behaving Badly by G. A. Hauser
Beholding the Moon by Augusta Li and Eon De Beaumont
Belle Starr by Belinda McBride
Beloved Vampire by Joey W. Hill
Calen by Rhi McGaha
Call of the Wild 2: The Wolf Queen by Sierra Dafoe
Cavern Dancer by Kate Hill
Chasing Booty by Shannon Leigh
Cocked And Loaded by Desiree Holt
Cody by Kimberly Raye
The Collettes: Willa by Dahlia Rose
Coming Together At Last, Volume 1 by Allessia Brio, ed.
Cowboy of the Night by Tambra Kendall
Coyote's Woman by Ann Vremont
Crimson Dichotomy: Seduction by Aubrey Ross
Crossing the Railroad by Marie Rochelle
Dakota’s Cowboys by Leah Brooke
Dangerous Ties by Devyn Quinn, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Anya Howard
Dark Desires of the Druids 1: Murder and Magick by Isabel Roman
Desire To Die For by Jessica Lee
Desiring the Darkness by Shiela Stewart
Destined Hearts by Tonya Ramagos
Dirty Diana by Lexie Davis
Dominating Domino by Leila Brown
Down & Dirty 3: Ante Up by Moira Rogers
Dragon's Heir (Collection) by Sierra Dafoe
Dream Mate: Sequel to The Katzman's Mate by Stormy Glenn
Driven to the Limit by Alice Gaines
Eden’s Hell by Dawne Dominique
Embracing Midnight by Devyn Quinn
Embracing the Darkness by Shiela Stewart
Empire: Burning Desires by Cat Marsters
The Enchantress by Morgan Ashbury
Erotikos by Shannon Leigh
Eternal Embrace by Ann Lory
Fire and Ice by Liz Andrews
Forbidden: The Temptation by Samantha Sommersby
Good Will Ghost Hunting 2: Hells Bells by Lesli Richardson
Heartcrystal by Linda Mooney
Heat Seeker by Lora Leigh
Her Master's Voice by Jacqueline George
Homecoming by Regina Paul
Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology
Hot River: Noodlin' for Nadine by Kate Hill
Hungry Heart by Jenna Byrnes
Hunting Season by Shelly Laurenston
I Spy Something Wicked by Josh Lanyon
Inferno by Bianca D'Arc
Julia's Knight by Stormy Glenn
Kaydana and the Crown of Worlds by Nyki Blatchley
Kaydana and the Ruby of Beguilement by Nyki Blatchley
Lady Knight by Marisa Chenery
Love's Bounty by Nina Pierce
Maiden, Mother, Crone by Various Authors
Master and Commander’s Prey by Tethys J. Killian
Mission: Possession by Mary Winter
More Than a Warrior by CJ England
My Lady by Shiloh Walker
Notorious in Nice by Jianne Carlo
Object of Desire by Calista Fox
Once In A Blue Moon by Tracey H. Kitts
Pacific Nights by Lynn Lorenz
Penetrating the Darkness by Shiela Stewart
Personal Protection by Leah Braemel
Real Men Last All Night by Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, Cheyenne McCray & Heidi Betts
Reaper's Revenge by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Red Alert by Lynne Connolly
Rescuing Amanda by Honey Jans
Rogue by Cheryl Brooks
Rogue Warriors 2: Soldier by Marie Treanor
Secrets Volume 27 an Anthology
The Seductress by Morgan Ashbury
Send 'Em Packing by Hannah Beckham
Sexual Studies 2: Blindsided by Kate Watterson
Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley
Shattered Dreams by Mychael Black & Shayne Carmichael
Shift Work One: Late Shift by Hannah Beckham
Shunga Chronicles: Prince and the Assassin by Lizzie Lynn Lee
Silk Bonds by Kate Hill
Siren Warrior Book One: Maiden's Curse by Michelle Marquis & Lindsay Bayer
Slow Seduction by Marie Rochelle
Smart Ass: Close Quarters by Amber Green & LB Gregg
Snowfire: Trapped! by Michelle Hasker
Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon
Soul Keeper by Belinda McBride
Soul Searchers by Reese Johnson
Spaceport: Captured Rapture by Lexxie Couper
Spaceport: Courtesan by Cat Marsters
Spaceport: Hidden Phase by Lexxie Couper
Spaceport: Sugar and Spice by Tuesday Morrigan
Spider Island by Cricket Sawyer
Stargazers 3: Wild by Anne Kane
Starstruck Hunter by Michelle Lauren
Sting of Desire by Lillian Feisty
Surrender the Booty by Carmie L'Rae
Termination of Employment by Nicole Gestalt
Three For Me? by R.G. Alexander
Trackers by Rileigh St. James
Undercover Lover by Jane Leopold Quinn
Uncovered Thoughts by Christopher D. Golliday and Melissa A. Golliday
Unicorn Valley (A Collection) by Lena Austin
Wedding Crashers by Sage Burnett
What Legends Are Made Of by Heather Beck
Wolf Queen by Stormy Glenn
Wynd River Sinner by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

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