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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 All Reviews by Title -- P through S


Pacific Nights by Lynn Lorenz
Pack Alpha by Crissy Smith
Papa Knows Best by Jaxx Steele
Paris Expose (Destination Pleasure) by Cerise DeLand
Passion in Paris by Helen Hardt
Passion on the Prairie by Shannon Rouchelle
Passion Projected by Jennifer Salaiz
Passions by Jennifer Cole
Penetrating the Darkness by Shiela Stewart
Pentacles of Magick: The Healing by Eliza Gayle
Pentacles of Magick: The Revealing by Eliza Gayle
Perfect Rhythm by Letty James
Perfection: Eternally Three by Kris Cook
Personal Protection by Leah Braemel
The Pet Promise by Kate Steele
Pink Buttercream Frosting by Lissa Matthews
Pirate Rules by Evanne Lorraine
Pisces: Teacher’s Pet by Sephera Giron
Playing for Keeps by Devon Gray
Playing for Keeps by Michelle Houston
Playing Lycan Games by Anh Leod
Playing With Fyre by Mina Carter
Pleasure House by Michelle Hasker
Pleasuring a Pirate by Leila Brown
Point of Distraction: the Third Collection by Cindy Jacks
Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson
Power Position by Cerise Deland
The Price of Pleasure by Dee Carney
The Price of Submission by Michelle Cary
Primal Hunger by Sydney Somers
Princess Slave by Sara York
The Prosecutor’s Paramour by Lara Santiago
Provoking the Spirit by Crista McHugh
Public Displays of Affection by Leannan Mac Llyr
Pure Magic by Anne Sorgeson
Purr-fect Seduction by H.C. Brown
Pursuing Zarah by Jennifer Cole


Queen Of Shadows by Suz deMello
Queen’s Gambit by Marie Treanor
The Queen's Tale by Grace D'Otare
Queer Legends: Queer Wolf an anthology
Quench by E. Cameron Stacy


Rancho de Mucho Caliente by Randi Lambert
Rapture by Iona Blair
The Real Deal by NIki Green
Real Men Last All Night by Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, Cheyenne McCray & Heidi Betts
Reaper’s Revenge by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Reckless Abandon by Morgan Ashbury
Reckless Behavior by Amanda Young
Reckless Exposure by Anne Rainey
Reclaiming Nicola by Anika Hamilton
Recurring Wet Dreams by J.R. Mitchell
Red Alert by Lynne Connolly
Red Heat by Lynne Connolly
The Red Sash by L. E. Bryce
The Red Velvet Horse by Iona Blair
Red’s Wolf by Brigit Aine
The Redeeming by Shiloh Walker
The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton
Rescuing Amanda by Honey Jans
Resisting Kane by Stephanie Adkins
Ride ‘Em Girlfriend by Cameo Brown
Riding Double by Eve Adams
Ripping the Bodice by Inara Lavey
Rites of Mating by Brenna Lyons
The Road to Shanhassan by Joely Sue Burkhart
Robert's Story by Kissa Starling
Rockstar by Mina Carter
Rogue by Cheryl Brooks
Rogue Warriors 2: Soldier by Marie Treanor
Rope Dreams by Eliza Gayle
Rose Red and Black Bear by Gwen Williams
Rough Stock by Cat Johnson
Rude Awakening by Veronica Chadwick
Rules of Desire by Leah Brooke
Rules of Engagement by L.A. Witt
Ruff & Tumble: Foxhounds by Lia Connor


Saddle Up 'N Ride! by Remmy Duchene
Saddled by Delilah Devlin
Sagittarius: Open Heart Open Mind by Sephera Giron
Saje by Deborah J. Panger
Sanctuary Lost by Moira Rogers
Santa Please by Jade Falconer
Santa’s Coming by Cat Lovington
Sapphire Night by Kaia Logan
Sari by Rose Middleton
The Sarran Plague by A.C. Katt
Savage Need by Moira Rogers
Saved by a Deputy by Carol McKenzie
Scentsual by Victoria Blisse
Schooled by RaeLynn Blue
Scorpio Risen by Desiree Lee
Screen Shots: Seduced by Willa Okati
Screen Shots: Slinky by Willa Okati
Screen Shots: Smolder by Willa Okati
Screen Shots: Submissive by Willa Okati
The Second Ex by Brit Ryan
Secret Desires by Stormy Glenn
The Secret She Keeps by Jennifer Leeland
Secrets—Volume 27 an Anthology
Seduced by Moonlight by Lexie Davis
Seduced by the Neighbour by Crissy Smith
Seducing Destiny by Anne Kane
Seduction in Moonlight by Diana DeRicci
Seduction on the 401 by Renee Alexis
The Seductress by Morgan Ashbury
The Seeking Kiss by Eden Bradley
Send 'Em Packing by Hannah Beckham
Sensuous by Aubrey Ross
Sentinel’s Hunger by Gracie C. McKeever
Serengeti Heat by Vivi Andrews
The Serpent’s Lair by Kaye Sykes
Seventh by L.E. Bryce
Sex and Chocolate by Reese Johnson
Sex and Chocolate: Chocolate Covered Cheri by Marteeka Karland
Sex and Chocolate: Toxic by Belinda McBride
Sex Games by Cara Carnes
Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells by EM Lynley
Sex Party by Natalie Acres
Sex Type Thing by Jade Falconer
Sexhibition by Tigra-Luna LeMar
Sexual Studies 2: Blindsided by Kate Watterson
Sexy by Design by Avery Beck
Sexy is Never Ignored by Destiny Blaine
Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley
Shadow Lover by Audrey Goodwin
Shadow Lover by Lillith Payne
The Shape of Things by Mychael Black
Shattered Dreams by Mychael Black & Shayne Carmichael
Shift Change by Hannah Beckham
Shift Work One: Late Shift by Hannah Beckham
Shifter Sisters (Collection) by Sierra Dafoe
Shifting Desires by Skylar Sinclair, Jude Mason and Sapphire Phelan
Shifting Priorities: Mating Ritual by Anne Kane
Shifting Priorities 2: Mating Dance by Anne Kane
Shifting Priorities 3: Mating Call
Shoulda Been A Cowboy by Lorelei James
Shunga Chronicles: Prince and the Assassin by Lizzie Lynn Lee
Shutter by Trista Ann Michaels
Silk and Steel by Lindsay Townsend
Silk Bonds by Kate Hill
Sinful by Raina James
Singapore Fling by Rhian Cahill
Sins of Susan by Iona Blair
Siren Warrior Book One: Maiden’s Curse by Michelle Marquis & Lindsay Bayer
Slave of My Own Desire by Eve Summers
Sleeper 2: A Woman Scorned by Nia K. Foxx
Sleeping With the Undead an Anthology
Slow Seduction by Marie Rochelle
Smart Ass: Close Quarters by Amber Green & LB Gregg
Snowfire: Chance of a Lifetime by L. Shannon
Snowfire: Chrysalis by Belinda McBride
Snowfire: Experiment by B.J. McCall
Snowfire: Express by Sophia Titheniel
SnowFire : Fire and Water Gate by K. Z. Snow
Snowfire: Foxy Lady by Marteeka Karland
Snowfire: Her Winged Mates by Ruth D. Kerce
Snowfire: Party Favors by Selena Illyria
Snowfire: Reunion by Anne Kane
SnowFire: Snow Job by Cameo Brown
Snowfire: Tagged by Kira Stone
Snowfire: Three by Riley Ashford
Snowfire: Trapped! by Michelle Hasker
So Many Wolves by Leona Grey
So Wrong, So Right by Starla Kaye
Soaked by Lena Matthews
Somebody Killed His Editor by Josh Lanyon
Somebody’s Watching by Veronica Blaque
Something About Maggie by Rose Middleton
The Song of Orpheus by Selena Kitt
Songbird by Maya Banks
Soul Familiar 2: Unpredictable by Kate Steele
Soul Fire by R. F. Long
Soul Keeper by Belinda McBride
Soul Searchers by Reese Johnson
Spaceport: Captured Rapture by Lexxie Couper
Spaceport: Courtesan by Cat Marsters
Spaceport: Hidden Phase by Lexxie Couper
Spaceport: Incognito by Cat Marsters
Spaceport: Juiced by Mary Winter
Spaceport: Paralyzer by Marteeka Karland
Spaceport: Sugar and Spice by Tuesday Morrigan
Spaceport: The Adana Affair by Mikala Ash
Spaceport: Time Bomb by Lena Austin
Spank Me Twice an anthology
Speed Dating by Sophia Titheniel
Spider Island by Cricket Sawyer
Splashing Good Time by Amber Skyze
Sports Beats: Rock Hard Seduction 3 by Tonya Ramagos
Springwind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Spyder’s Web by Suzanne Rock
Standoff by Lauren Dane
Stargazers 3: Wild by Anne Kane
Starstruck Hunter by Michelle Lauren
Starting Over by Annmarie McKenna
Station 13 by Viola Grace
The Stetson by Betty Womack
Stilettos Inc. by Lexi Ryan
Sting of Desire by Lillian Feisty
Stone’s Embrace by Delilah Devlin
Storm Howl by Vonna Harper
Storm Warning by Tymber Dalton
Straight Up by Missy Lyons
Strangely Familiar by Cari Z.
Stroke of Midnight by Ana Aragon
Strong Silent Type by Gregory L. Norris
Strong Silent Type by Lorelei James
Sugar Shack by Paisley Scott
Summer Sizzle by Samantha Gentry
Summoned By Lust by Amanda Sidhe
The Summoner by Alisha Steele
The Sun Sword by Lexxie Couper
Sunday’s Child: The Wise Guy by Lex Valentine
Sundown Investigations (Collection) by Cat Marsters
Sunswept Anthology by Cassidy Kent
Surrender: Tales of Erotic Submission -- an anthology
Surrender the Booty by Carmie L'Rae
The Surrender of Persephone by Selena Kitt
Sursein Judgment by Jet Mykles
Sweet Dreams by Jenny Penn
The Sweet Flag by Jeanne Barrack
Sweet Treats by Stormy Glenn
The Sweetest Sin by Lexie Davis
Syren Song: Gypsy Cay 1 by Blaze Ballantine

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