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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Beverly Rae

Yes, Ladies, I do Those Kinds of Parties

You know what I’m talking about. I do those sex toy parties. The ones where the consultant whips out the bedroom accessories and, well, the whips.

Until about a month ago, I’d never been to one of those parties. (Thanks a bunch, friends. Why did you leave me out?) But when my husband had to go to Canada for three weeks for work, I got bored and decided to find another stream of income. Oh, but not just any job would do it for me. Sure, I love writing and will never quit, but writing as a profession is a very lonely job. I only have my characters and my four dogs to talk to all day.

So off job hunting I went. Naturally, I had decided to get a job in the worst economy ever. Naturally, my teaching certification had expired. Not to mention that I’d gotten a bit older (albeit a little wiser) than I had been since I last worked outside the home. But all that didn’t matter because I was determined to find something that would be fun, freeing and lucrative.

Enter the Internet. After cruising various employment sites as well as Craig’s List, I came upon a home-based business selling romance enhancement products. Hmm, I said. Sounds like an interesting proposition as well as an outlet that would compliment my books, too. So I contacted the local representative and ended up getting both my mind and my innocence blown away. Oh, and I have to admit, my ignorance fell by the wayside, too.

You see, the company I chose isn’t one of those party companies. In fact, the philosophy behind the company is to empower women and educate them on their own bodies and sexuality. Many women have misplaced ideas and are just plain wrong (me included) about what’s going on with their bodies, during sex and with their partners. I quickly found out that, like the erotica books I write, the romance enhancement product parties have gotten a bad rap. What is natural between partners is beautiful and should be enjoyed whether you’re reading about it or experiencing the fun. And if you learn a little something along the way, even better!

So there you have it. I have found my extra avenue for fun and financial gain and, along the way, learned a lot about myself and relationships. I’m having a great time educating women and giving new life to their relationships. So, if you want to refer to one of my parties as that kind of party, then go ahead. But I dare you. Let me show you the difference.


Dena said...

Hi Bev, I hate a lot of those parties but your kind of party would be fun. It is a great compliment to your reading too. I checked your website out awhile ago, great job.

Dena said...

I meant to say to your writing.

booklover0226 said...

So what did your husband think about your other career? :-)

Tracey D