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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Leona Grey

The Right Way to Be Selfish

Well it's not really being selfish, I just said that to get your attention, but many people think of it as selfish. I really wanted to talk about keeping something for yourself. There are times in everyone's life when work and family takes over for a while and there's barely time to get your bearings. Those were meant to be temporary. The real problem comes in when that mentality endures of always needing to take care of everyone else first. It's good to care about other people but not if it's always at your own expense.

We've got to keep something that is just for us, if only for sanity's sake. If we don't, we'll eventually run out of things to give. And where does that leave us? Tired, very tired, with loads of people expecting things that we no longer have the power to give. My point is there is no shame in taking care of yourself. Even our loved ones will take advantage of us at times, not on purpose but simply because they know they can depend on us. So, if you don't see to your own needs, who will?

And it doesn't matter what it is you keep for yourself. It may be an obsession with books (raising my hand shyly,) a love of bath products, shopping for clothes, whatever it is that makes you feel good and is just for you. Remember you can love others, as many as you like, without losing yourself. Sorry if I sound like a self-help book here. This is just something I believe in strongly and I hope it reaches someone.

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