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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Beverly Rae

Paranormal and the Impressionable Mind

My mother used to say, “Oh, that Beverly. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She just can’t get enough of all the weird stuff”. What was the “weird stuff” she spoke of? To my mother, that would be anything sci-fi or paranormal. Any supernatural being or animal. Or, as my father would say, anything “out of whack”.

It’s true. I grew up loving everything preternatural, paranormal, ghostly, vampy, or dealing with the darker side of life. But that didn’t mean I was strange, does it? That I’m still strange? I would guess not. From the wealth of television shows from The Vampire Diaries to Fringe, I think the paranormal is now mainstream. I can watch a show every night, sometimes several on all the different channels. Surely, there’s nothing wrong with that. Or is there?

The only paranormal shows I remember when I was growing up─you know, back television had (gasp!) only three channels─were The Twilight Zone and Bewitched. I remembering scouring the library for any book that would make me jump in the night. (Enter Stephen King) And the fascination continues. Today, I will read any and all books dealing with shifters, banshees and other creatures that will go bump in the night.

But why did I start writing paranormal books? Part of me wants to believe that I could sense the growing popularity even in my early years. But I know differently. I know I started writing the “weird stuff” because I couldn’t find enough of it to watch or read. So now I wonder about the future of new paranormal authors. With so many supernatural shows to watch, the burgeoning of paranormal fiction lines such as Harry Potter and Twilight, not to mention the movies galore, will the young minds of today be so filled that they’ll have no need to pen their own stories? Now that’s frightening!


Dena said...

Hi Bev, I sure hope not, what a sad day that would be! I loved Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie growing up.

booklover0226 said...

I, too, recall when there were only 3 channels available! I guess that's why I read so much then and still do.

I used to watch Dark Shadows every day after school.

Tracey D

LeslieJane said...

I remember 4, PBS, ABC, CBS and NBC, and loved any paranormal show. Got addicted to Dr Who when Dad was stationed to Scotland and watched it there. And so happy that they are now more mainstream, and have a better variety to watch. Now somtimes a toss-up between watching the paranormal/sci-fi shows or reading the same kind of romance books. Oh to have more hours in my day.

Leslie Jane