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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Raine Delight

How do you name your characters?

Well that question stumps me each and every time I am asked that. How do I name my characters…well for one thing, my characters have a mind of their own. If I say Character A is named Max, he will turn around and say “My name is Dax, not Max” and frankly overpower my muse's desires. I can try to get a word edgewise in but it is a losing battle. I learned early on to give them free reign on their names and personality traits. I like to be surprised by their comments and desires. One day I was working a WIP (work in progress) and instead of a woman he was to be destined for, my hero found himself longing for a man named Declan Silver. :-) It was quite a difference to say the least, especially as I had planned for him to end up with a secondary character in my Devon Falls series named Dixie. *laughs* Well needless to say, he got his desire and Moonlight & Magic will be my first M/M paranormal and I wouldn't have gone that way without that character telling me what he wanted.

My inspiration for my characters tends to revolve around Johnny Depp. Anyone who knows me knows I love this man's acting ability. He plays a wide variety of parts and always seems to deliver a stellar performance each time. So basically all my heroes tend to look like him and go from there. :-)

If you could name a character for an upcoming novel, what would your entry be?


april3025 said...

dallon, frankie, malachi or sebastion

booklover0226 said...

I always like Xavier....

Tracey D