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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: J.A. Saare

The Creation of A Kiss Before Dying

Once upon a time, I had a problem. For some reason, I just could not, under any circumstance, write about sex. It was a constant hurdle, an albatross around my neck, and one day I decided it was out with the prude and in with the crude. My husband was traveling on business, and as a mini-vacay (read that to mean the first time in two years since we’d had significant time alone) I went along for the journey. It was a trip from Alabama to Colorado, with two layovers. That meant I had roughly six hours from home to resort (aka the Hamilton Inn) to write my story.

Before we departed, I already had a general idea of what I wanted to write. It would be hot, it would be short, and it would be sweet. I also knew it would be about blood slaves, vampires, and a forbidden affair. But I had one restriction. No matter what, the protagonists had to love one another. It was going to erotic romance if it killed me, and that was non-negotiable.

So picture this: me with my trusty laptop, surrounded by tons of people in the airport waiting areas. At first, I was extremely uncomfortable. I just knew Pops over there with his cup of coffee knew what I was up to. But at our first layover, I settled right in. None of the other people awaiting flights were aware of what I was creating right before their eyes, and you know what, a part of me thought that was kind of naughty. *grin* I blocked out the world around me, and went all out. My fingers flowed across those keys, faster and then faster. It was as if some part of my subconscious let go and allowed me to travel where I’d always needed to go. Before I knew it, were boarding our plane to Colorado and the rough manuscript for A Kiss Before Dying was complete.

During that next week, I spent the time my husband was away polishing it up. When I was finished, I debated on whether or not it was good enough to share, but ultimately decided to take a chance and submit it for consideration. Shortly after, I was offered a contract.

And that’s how A Kiss Before Dying came about. It’s one of my favorite stories because it helped me get over one major hurdle and serves to remind me that if we put our best foot forward, anything is possible.

Happy Reading!



Jacqueline Paige said...

That is just awesome! I take notebooks everywhere myself.


Cari Quinn said...

I loved that story, Jaime! It feels good to conquer a fear, doesn't it? I told you last night about my issue with erotic writing until recently...and look at both of us, our first contracts were for erotic books! Talk about irony. ;)

J.A. Saare said...

Thanks Jacq and Cari ;) And you're right, it does feel good to conquer a fear.