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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Revenge is Sweet by Sandy Sullivan


The bastard who dumped me for the twenty-something blonde with the huge boobs clinging to his arm like a boa constrictor as she pressed up against him. What I wouldn’t give to wrap something around his neck and squeeze. Just a little, not enough to kill him, but enough to make him wish I had.

Get it together, Jill. He’s not worth going to jail for.

I got a really good look at him then as he turned to whisper something in her ear. The paunch of his belly hung over his wanna-be cowboy belt buckle. Whoa, way too many beers. He turned around and I almost burst out laughing as I saw the bald spot at the crown of his head when he took off his hat. That wasn’t there before.

I turned my back on him and his floozy as my eyes caught the look of one downright gorgeous cowboy, giving me the once over. His brown eyes skimmed over me from head to toe as a slow, appreciative, smile ripple across his lips. Holy hot DAMN! He’s got dimples.

I brought the long neck to my lips as he watched from several feet away, ours eyes never leaving each other. A droplet of the malty tasting liquid clung to my bottom lip and I swore his pupils dilated as my tongue snuck out, snatching it away before retreating back inside my mouth. Mmm…interesting.

I felt a hand slide along my hip a moment later, drawing my attention away from the sexy man I had been flirting with. It had only been a small amount of flirting, but it felt good to know I was still attractive enough to draw the attention of someone that gorgeous.

“Hey sweet thing – wanna dance?” I shot a glance at the man next to me. Oh my God! No way!

“No thanks.”

“Oh come on baby. You’ve been tapping those boots for a bit. I know you want to,” he said as he tried to pull me closer, but I brought up one hand and pushed against his chest.

“I said …”

“The lady said no, partner, back off.” My eyes met those of the brown-eyed cowboy from across the room that now stood beside me.

“No problem man. I didn’t know she was with anyone.” The other man moved away in search of some other lonely female.


“No problem.”

He started to walk back across the room, but I stopped him with a touch. “Wanna dance?”

The smile was back and so were the dimples as my blood turned to liquid fire in my veins. One night – holy hell what I could do with that body in a night or two, maybe several. “I thought you’d never ask,” he said, smiling as he took my hand and led me onto the dance floor.

My gaze met those of my ex as the gorgeous guy slipped his hands around my back and pulled me close, the scent of his cologne wrapping itself around my senses.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing by yourself?”

I cocked a questioning eyebrow in his direction. “A come on?”

“No — I’m curious. Most women who look like you aren’t alone in a place like this.”

“Maybe I’m looking for you.”

His hand dipped lower, and splayed across my lower back as he gently pulled my hips closer. His gaze slid to my lips as I parted them temptingly. “What’s your name, pretty lady?”


“Well … Jill.” The words paused as his interested stare moved over my face. “I’m Mark. What do you say we get out of here and find somewhere a little more quiet?”


The door of my house slammed against the wall as I felt his warm lips on my neck. Damn the man could kiss! I turned in his arms before our mouths fused, tongues entwined, each seeking satisfaction from the other as his hands twisted in my hair and held me tight against him. His mouth left mine, traveling down my neck and nipping at the soft skin, before he soothed it with his tongue. He cupped my ass and lifted me in his arms as we moved toward the couch and tumbled onto the soft cushions.

“God, I love the way you taste,” he growled against my chest right before he sucked my nipple into his mouth through the scant barrier of my tank top. My back arched as he bit the tip gently.

He peeled the jeans and my thong off my hips, exposing my wet pussy to his hand. A moment later, I felt his fingers slid inside as I groaned my pleasure beneath him. I’m not sure how, but his own jeans disappeared and I could feel the hard length of him against my thigh as he worked his way down my stomach.

His tongue found my clit, flicking hard against it several times. Desire coiled in my belly, spread down my legs and back up to center where his tongue played before I screamed his name, flooding his mouth with my come.

Before my breathing had even returned to normal, he slid inside my hot center to his full, impressive length as he pulled my calves up to rest across his biceps.

“You feel incredible, Jill.”

“God, Mark, please…”

“Please what, baby?”

“Make me come again.”

His groin slapped against mine as he increased the rhythm and I felt my pussy start to contract, milking him and sucking what I wanted from him.

On a hefty moan, he spilled inside of me as my own climax hit me for the second time.

Once our breathing calmed, he lifted up on an elbow and said, “Remind me to thank Barry for dumping you.”

I chuckled as my hand swept down his arm. “I love re-living how we met, but it is even sweeter when Barry can see it too.”

“I love you, Jill.”

“I love you, too.”

About the author: Sandy Sullivan writes contemporary and historical westerns with a flare for the erotic romance. She has a thing for cowboys and it shows in her novels as each one finds his or her own way to love. You can find her at

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Paris said...

Very hot excerpt! I love the whole revenge is sweet plot;-)