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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Forever Yours by Charisma Knight

As I walked along the path within the woods, I slowly began to lose my train of thought. I was so sure I’d be able to find my way back to the cabin after a few hours at the lake. As time’s pace quickened, darkness fell upon the woods with a mighty vengeance.

A fine mist accompanied the pitch black of the evening, providing me with a sense of security. Somehow I knew I wasn't the only soul dwelling within these woods. Shivering, I felt eyes upon me. Surprisingly, each time I turned around no one was there.

The mist surrounded me, sending erotic sensations throughout my body. My brain told me I should continue searching for the cabin, but my body betrayed me, telling me to submit to the sweet subtle attack of the mist.

Obeying my body, I leaned against a tree and surrendered completely to the familiar mist. Invisible hands caressed my face, lingered at my neck, and eventually explored the parts of me which required the most attention. My breasts tingled with excitement as my nipples painfully strained against the lacy material of my bra; a result of the invisible fingers skillfully manipulating them.

To my surprise, the soft, gentle hands began to solidify, and I could see an outline of a man. His hands lowered, caressed my ass cheeks, and eventually slid to the front, unzipping my shorts. A moan escaped my lips as his hands slid beneath the denim, slowly examining my slick folds.

A handsome dark-haired man with icy blue eyes stood before me in place of the mist and parted my lips with his sweet tongue. Prying his mouth from mine, he stared within the depths of my soul. Skillfully, he inserted not one, not two, but three fingers within me, forcing an animalistic cry from my lips. I’m lost within those familiar blue icy depths and fascinated by the handsome features of his pale face. His blood-red lips formed into a smile, displaying a beautiful set of incisors. I should have been scared, however, I was not.

His voice was like sweet music to my ears, as he told me we weren't far from my cabin. I was not at all shocked when my name rolled from his inviting lips.

“Natasha,” my dark lover murmured.

I asked how he knew my name, but he simply replied, “I have always known you my sweet; I’ve known you for centuries. My name is Navarre.”

Suddenly, we were in the cabin, underneath the crisp, cool sheets of my bed. My mind questioned the loss of clothes and the sudden change of location, but my body overrode my brain’s efforts to analyze such occurrences.

Slowly, Navarre rolled on top of me, gently pinning my wrists to the bed as his incisors grazed my neck. A low growl forming deep within his throat, he commenced to explore my body, paying close attention to my breasts. One hand continued pinning my wrists to the bed, while the other guided my breast to his lips, forcing me to offer all I had to give.

Beads of moisture formed upon my body as Navarre seductively slid his hands down the length of my body, lightly scratching my tender skin with his fingernails. Wet kisses fell upon my stomach, which seemed to leave an invisible trail of fire within their wake. Eventually, his tongue continued the journey towards my wet pussy.

Navarre continued torturing my feverish, wonton flesh as he flicked his tongue along my inner thighs, savoring the nectar flowing from my pussy. I thought I would die of immediate pleasure when he finally parted my lips, examining my slick flesh with intense eyes. Slowly, he tickled my swollen clitoris with his long tongue, eventually sucking it until I thought I would burst.

Rolling my head from side to side, I ran my fingers through his glossy black hair, spreading my legs further apart. I wanted him; I wanted him to devour me. Unfortunately, I knew I would never get enough of him. My cries of ecstasy echoed within the room as I watched Navarre slide his middle finger deep within my pussy as he mercilessly sucked my soft fleshy bud.

To my satisfaction, Navarre gently pinned my body upon the bed with his hard, muscular body. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around him, locking my fingers in his hair as we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. His incisors nicked my tongue causing me to bleed and pushing Navarre into a feeding frenzy. His body trembled hard as he slipped his thick cock deep within my pussy, fighting the urge to consume me at the moment.

Nostrils flaring, Navarre thrust in and out of me, my liquid heat coating his cock, testing his willpower.

“I want to devour you.” Navarre growled holding his cock deep inside me, to the hilt, his beautiful blue eyes glowing with intense ferocity within the cabin’s dim lighting.

Pumping within me with a mighty force, Navarre rocked my body hard and fast. Each stroke he inflicted upon me left me trembling and weak. Growling loudly he nipped my neck with his incisors, sensing my rising orgasm, his release was not far behind mine.

My muscles contracting around Navarre’s cock caused me to scream in sweet agony as he continued pumping inside me, riding me to his own completion. The waves of pleasure rocked my body hard, as Navarre sunk his teeth deep into my neck. His handsome face was the last thing I saw as darkness slowly engulfed me.

I awoke to the brightness of the morning, and the chirping of the birds. Disappointment claimed me as I realized it was all just a dream. His voice echoed deep within my mind. No worries, my love, I will return to you twice more, making you mine forever.

The dull throbbing sensation upon my neck quickly captured my attention. Feeling two small punctures, a smile formed upon my lips, as I contemplated Navarre’s return.

About the author: Charisma Knight enjoys weaving tales of the paranormal, especially when they gravitate towards vampires. Writing erotic paranormal fiction allows her to add a touch of spice to her daily activities. She hopes she has successfully added a dash of erotic spice to your routine today. To learn more about Charisma, visit her blog at: