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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Author Interview: Summer Jordan

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Summer Jordan, who is passionate about writing and madly in love with her husband. They live in Florida where Summer can enjoy her love of sunshine and water, palm trees, and fragrant tropical flowers. Her newest release, Putting the SeX in Xmas, will be released on December 7 as one of the books in Total-E-Bound's Christmas Cracker Collection.

I asked her to tell us a little bit about Putting the SeX in Xmas.

Holidays are fun but orgasms are thrilling and Kati combines the two to give Andrew an X-rated holiday he won’t forget.

When Kati sets out to reproduce a British Christmas for Andrew, ‘traditional’ and ‘reserved’ don't stand a chance. As she injects her own take on things, the celebration turns into an X-rated Xmas that Andrew won’t forget.
Summer told me she feels the biggest misconception the public has about erotica is that it's porn. In her opinion, pornography is sex for sex' sake and is very graphic. Erotic romance encompasses lust and it's a love story. Summer's characters usually start out 'in lust' and 'love' grows out of their sexual relationship. She sees erotica as being somewhere in the middle.

"Romance is at the heart of these stories," Summer said. "Erotic elements are part of real life and they add the spice we all want."

When Summer's writing, she knows it's a good erotic story when she falls in love with her hero and she savors writing the hot scenes.

She grinned and said, "The sex scenes are longer and juicier and I'm squirming in my chair as I write. The heroine finds him irresistible and vice versa so they make like bunnies whenever and wherever they can."

Summer used to write non-erotic romance and found it more challenging to write than erotic romance. "There are so many different kinds of conflict needed," she explained. "The romantic and sexual tensions are built into erotic romance just waiting to be acted out and on."

She had never considered erotic romance, though, until she discovered Total-E-Bound.

"I realized what an up and coming company it was," she said. "The publisher, Claire, is wonderful to work with and the writers are a super bunch. Erotica has opened new doors for me and the genre is an exciting one that’s soared in popularity. Our society has become more sexual and this fits the times."

Only her husband knows she writes erotic romance, however. She laughed and told me that, unless it's sports or nonfiction, he doesn't read , and she doesn't believe the rest of her family is ready to know what she writes. She also doesn't tell her friends and acquaintances what she writes, because she doesn't want to be asked how she does her research.

"My husband wouldn’t appreciate a discussion of our bedtime adventures at cocktail parties," she told me. "My research comes from life experiences past and present and a lively imagination. But the best research for any genre is reading other writers’ work. Find out what kind of stories turn you on and what turns you off. Each of us has his or her own thresholds."

The same thing holds true with body piercings. Summer told me if she had to get a body part pierced, she would have a second piercing in her earlobe.

"Navels with diamonds are sexy on young women with flat tummies," she said. "I don’t care to think about having them in private places although it might be erotic! And pierced eyebrows, tongues, and lips are disgusting."

She finds fudge sauce wonderful for eating off another's tummy and said that whipped cream is good anywhere. Her favorite food, though, is lobster tail dipped in warm butter with a little lemon juice in it. And, she's a self-admitted "fiend for catsup," and she loves to eat it on macaroni and cheese. However, don't ask her to eat anchovies. That's about the only food she can't bring herself to eat.

"Can you tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi?" I asked.

"Absolutely," she replied. "I hate Pepsi. It’s too sweet. My husband drinks Diet Pepsi and I tell him it smells like bathroom deodorant."

Who would Summer be if she could be anyone she wanted?

"Who’s the most successful writer making big bucks and at the top of the bestseller list? Oh yes, and let’s make sure she’s beautiful and married to my husband."

And, she wants Julia Roberts to play her when Hollywood makes a movie of her life.

"She’s talented, beautiful, and has great hair," she explained. "Also, she plays a humorous part well. I like laughing and I especially loved her in Pretty Woman. And of course, she’s sexy."

Finally, I asked Summer what advice she would give to a writer who wanted to start writing erotica.

"Get used to using the graphic terms and exploring sexuality in a more adventurous way," she said. "In this interview, I hesitate to use words like fuck and pussy. It was hard for me to write them at first because those terms weren’t acceptable in the sweet romances I used to write. Now, I realize these words and the mental pictures and mood they create are turn-ons for those of us who used to consider them quite daring. And, most importantly, for any genre, write what you love and love what you write."

You can keep up with Summer on her website,

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