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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Dakota Trace

Is Just Me or Is It Getting Crowded In Here?

Recently I was asked where I got the ideas for my characters. Do I base them on people I know? Sorry to say, nope they’re not based on anyone I know. They pop fully developed into my head. Once I have my plot or an idea for a story, the characters are born. They then reside inside my head until I finish the story. At times it can get awfully crowded inside my head. At the moment, I have a Dom, a sub, a wizard, a witch, and a pair of ornery shape shifting tigers running loose in there.

My favorite method of interacting with the characters is to hold one on one conversation with them, usually out loud. That’s right. I talk to my characters. Never when anyone is around of course, I don’t want to people to think I’m crazy. Well, any crazier than I already am. My favorite time and place to talk to them is in the car when I’m by myself. Going off to pick the kids up, going to get groceries, running errands or on the way home from dropping Mr. Trace off at work. In the quiet of a car, with nothing but the soft sound of music on the radio, is the perfect time for this. Although I will admit I have taken to wearing my Bluetooth so people in the passing cars think I’m talking on the phone. I can only imagine what people would think if they saw me talking to no one. :-)


booklover0226 said...

Now, that would be a heck of a story if all those characters were in one book!

Dena said...

You are definitely in the right line of work. Great imagination.

Dakota Trace said...

Too true but imagine my publisher's frustration of trying to figure out which genre to post it in.

Imagination is something I've never lacked. My kids love it. I've been making up stories for years for them. We have everything the towel monster who like drink the water off them after baths to cleaning witch who will take their toys if they don't pick them up. Sounds rather crazy doesn't it. But it works.