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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Even Death by Jennifer Katherine Shepherd

Nadine lay stiff on the too-empty bed, as if even a light breeze would break her into hundreds of tiny pieces. Her pillow offered no respite from the pounding in her head. The sodden material crumpled against her now dry face. There were no more tears left inside her, only the heavy dryness that comes after hours of weeping. Her hand clutched the letter that had brought with it the end of her dreams and hope for the future. No amount of reading could change the words: her husband, Hudson, was gone. Killed in a senseless, random accident.

A slight whimper escaped their dog from his pillow against the wall, and almost as if Nadine's need had communicated itself to the beloved pet, the bed dipped and a furry warmth pressed against her side.

As quickly as sleep and dreams sometimes come, Nadine welcomed the pressure of her husband's lips on hers.

At least in my dreams we can still be together.

Keeping her eyes tightly shut against any intrusion of reality into this welcome gift, praying that she would never awaken, she gave herself over to the familiar taste of his mouth, his tongue sparring with hers. She explored his body with her hands—fingertips bumping over a scar where there had once been smooth skin.

Hudson's letters had been so detailed in the six months he had been gone, it was as though she had been with him through every battle, had felt every bruise and every wound. It was no wonder her dream had placed scars on his body.

Cool air passed over her body as his calloused hands unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open to expose her pale skin to his searching eyes. Her nipples puckered from the dual sensation of the cool night air and the arousal that burned inside her. The slight chill was replaced by the warmth of his mouth pulling and nipping at one hardened tip, while his fingers gave equal attention to the other. A thread of heat wove itself between the heavenly sensations in her tits and the hungry desire in her pussy as cream coated the inside of her thighs. Hudson had always been able to make her wet just with his presence and it had been far too long since she’d felt his touch.

He slipped down her body, his mouth trailing kisses over her ribs, tongue swirling in her navel and making her body clench with need, his hand stroked the skin of her thighs and she moaned and begged for him to take her, to give her the release she reached so desperately for.

Finally, his mouth reached her wet center and toyed with her labia, pressed into her vagina before he drew her clit into his mouth. Her pelvis rocked against him as he suckled and flicked and nipped until she thought she would scream. Her own hand sought to relieve herself of the pressure, but he slapped it aside and slowly, agonizingly pressed first one and then another finger inside her, plunging in and out in a rhythm that matched the one his tongue made on her clit. She arched off the bed as the first convulsion took her over the edge and then she cried out his name as she squeezed his still moving fingers with the last of her orgasm that lasted for what felt like eternity.

"My love, my only," he whispered.

She murmured a tired protest when he moved, but he wasn’t leaving, only shifting to lay beside her. Once settled, he pulled her into his arms, settling her ass against his still erect cock. She wanted to feel his length inside her but the fatigue of the past two days of sorrow overtook her, and she sank deeper into the welcome darkness that surrounded her, hoping only for the dream to return with the morning.

Light pricked her eyelids and with it came the unwelcome realization that she was awake and that the dream was over. As full consciousness returned, there was also the realization that warm, familiar arms held her close. She also realized he was hard against her and that she was wet and ready for him.

With a quick movement, she flung a leg over his thigh and took his cock into her hand, rubbing it up and down until a moan rumbled in his chest. His hand reached over her waist and toyed with her, alternately flicking her clit and then slipping into her core and back. When she could stand it no longer she took him inside her and reveled at the feel of his length reaching to her heart.

He held still, deep inside and she turned her head to look at him with a question in her eyes.

He pulled out and then slowly pushed his cock in until his balls pressed on her ass then gave a lazy smile.

"Don't believe everything you read, my love."

Before she could respond he flipped her onto her stomach and pumped into her from above, balls slapping against her, thumb circling her clit until felt her walls tighten with her release. He beat her to it, giving a hoarse cry and emptying himself into her as she clenched him and sucked him dry.

They collapsed onto the bed and she pushed back the hair from his beloved face. “Welcome home, husband. I should never have doubted.”

“I love you so much even death has no hold on me.” He pulled her on top of him and held her as he slipped back into sleep.

Nadine was no longer tired, however, and simply watched him as he dozed.

Her husband. Forever.

About the author: Jennifer Katherine Shepherd, or Jenny Kat to her friends, writes erotic romance for the fanciful in mind. Her stories are seldom set in the everyday world, but in worlds far away. No matter how far away the worlds are, though, romance is romance. Passions ignite when Jenny Kat’s characters get together.

When Jenny Kat’s characters aren’t keeping her busy telling their stories, she enjoys skinny-dipping in her pool, sipping exotic drinks brought to her by her Cabana boy, Carlos, and dreaming up new fantasies on far-away worlds. Visit her at or

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