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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Kissa Starling

Southern Cooking At Its Best

Cooking is a passion of mine and southern cooking is what I'm good at. Bring on the green tomatoes, breaded pork-chops, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, red hots, hash-browns, cornbread and turnip greens because those are the things I know how to cook. Most recently I've made a lot of okra and tomato dishes. I really should have a garden of my own but local produce stands provide all I need for now.
I'm not much for the slime so this is how I cook my okra and tomatoes:

Put a skillet on the burner and let it heat up, add about 3T of olive oil,
Mince two whole garlic cloves and add to heated oil
Wash and cut ends off of about three cups of fresh okra, slice width ways and add to mixture
Brown garlic and okra well
Dice two garden grown tomatoes and add to the mix- don't forget the juice!
Stir ingredients together and cook until tomatoes cook down.

I serve mine over brown rice or eat as a side dish.

Mmm, yummy!


Carly Carson said...

It sounds good, not that I like tomatoes. lol I do like looking at recipes and something over brown rice is right up my alley.


jodi said...

lol, the only okra I like is fried, but I'm a big fan of collards, fried gizzards and Chik-fil-A. :)

Kissa Starling said...

Hey Carly and Jodi! Thanks to both of you for stopping by. And this recipe is soooo good. You should try it. it doesn't come out slimy like the regular dish. Fried okra is good too. Carly- I have one of those rice cookers. Ever tried one? They work so well. Drop by again ladies. I'll be here all week!

Dani said...

That sounds great. On the menu for the weekend.