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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Beth D. Carter


I remember when paranormal started popping up popular themes in romance. My first experience was with time-travel, a Zebra romance by Constance O’Day-Flannery titled Timeless Passion. I was thrilled. I read that book in one night! Over the years time-travel became a popular theme but I noticed that it seemed authors became almost desperate for plots. The quality of the stories declined even as the hunger from the readers grew. And now I see that happening with vampires.

Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires! I love the bad-ass bad boys that vampires frequently are, those rogues a mere human girl can transform into devoted lovers. And there have been great stories written. But I’ve started reading some books that seem almost, well, atrocious. Even for open-minded, suspension of disbelief portions.

Perhaps the public has been too overwhelmed with vampires in society. After all, we have the whole Twilight saga and movies, the Southern Vampire novels and its HBO show “True Blood”, and this fall we’ll have a new teenager WB series called “The Vampire Diaries”.

And fast on the heels of vampires are the werewolves. They are next becoming the “it” bad boys of literature. It has me thinking which mythological creature I can jump onto and start writing about so I can be the first to capitalize on the burgeoning love of sexy beasts. I just read a fantastic book from Angie Fox titled The Accidental Demon Slayer whose hero is a griffin. Wo-zer! Makes me want to meet a half-lion half-bird man myself!

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Dena said...

Hi Beth, There are sooo many Vampire books out there now, it's crazy! Never read a story with a Griffin, sounds interesting to me something different.