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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Kissa Starling

Writers Just Want to Have Fun

Fun is awesome and I spend as much time as I can having fun. My family means a lot to me and we do a lot of activities together. Card playing has been in my family genes for decades. Spades and Cribbage are the most prevalent ones but we also like Hearts and a few of use still remember how to play Yuker. Uno, Chicken Foot Dominoes, Phase Ten and board games such as Monopoly, Life and Clue are also favorites.

As for our outdoor games? Well, four-wheeling is number one. This last 4th of July we had a four-wheeling scavenger hunt that proved quite hilarious and a lot of fun. We also play washers, horseshoes and throw baskets of HORSE whenever we get the chance.

I can't forget to include visits to the drive-in. We live fairly close to the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta and tailgate there a lot. Two movies for seven dollars is a great deal. One of my vices is hot dogs and a little place on the way to the drive-in (Zestos) makes a killer fried dog with chili.

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