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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Beth D. Carter


I am a mother of an almost-three-year-old little boy named Hadrian. He is a wonderful son, except he has the annoying habits of many toddlers such as not eating a wide variety of foods, screaming when you say “no”, and memory loss of where he’s hidden your keys after taking them from your purse.

My family and I have recently moved from Southern California to Louisiana and it’s time to enroll him into preschool. I thought I would find this a big relief because he’s a smart little boy and loves playing with kids at the park. I thought I would be happy to hand over shaping his brain and teaching him a wider variety of manners. I also thought it would be nice to have a few hours to myself everyday. What I didn’t count on was feeling incredibly sad that my baby is now big enough to leave me for hours every day. He’s getting ready to take that leap into making friends and having a life that I am not supervising every minute of the day.

His father and I took him today to check out the preschool, located very close to home. The other children were napping so put our fingers to our lips and whispered, “Shh!” which he understood. We told him “school” and he pointed to the ground and said “circle.”

Afterward, we decided to be very bad parents and treated him to McDonalds. In between the cheeseburger and fries, we tried telling him that he will be going to school in a couple of weeks, and he just smiled widely, pointed to the round light and said “circle”. Alas, I don’t think he’s catching on but he sure is cute.

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Kytaira said...

They are adorable at that age. Mine just got his driver's license on Friday. He's actually had his learners permit for nearly 2 years and we kept holding of on the test because that means huge insurance. They grow up so fast!