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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Kissa Starling

Pets Rock! Or Pet Rock?

I love animals. There I said it. No surprise to anyone who knows me. I currently have one Siamese cat, two German Shepherds, two hermit crabs, and two stray cats that I feed outside. I think there's a sign outside my front door that says "All without food stop here, tilt your head and stick out your lower lip- owner will feed instantly!" I can't stand to see an animal mistreated and I always help out when I can. My pets are like my children, except they don't ask for money or leave their dirty clothes laying around.

I believe I've just hit upon a phenomenon, pets can't become teenagers! Oh yes, what a marketing ploy. Shelters across the country should advertise that their animals stay cute and adorable and always think you know best.

Back to my own animals. My Siamese is finicky; I guess they all are. He eats cheese, ice-cream and anything with salt on it. Best of all he cuddles. I love a cuddling cat! Kissa means cat in Finnish- no coincidence there.

Back in the 80's my mother and I made pet rocks and sold them. Oh, how fun are fads? I still can't believe people bought rocks with googly eyes and fabric glued to them!


Dani said...

Hi Kissa-

We have a little in common. I am the proud parent of four Shar-pei Shepherds. Mine do seem to go through the teenage years. I have my oldest Roxi, her son Bear and two of his children, Lexi and Cheunk. I have had them all since birth except for Roxi, she was 6 weeks. They act just like us. I have a porch full of strays and animals running away from home and needing a place to hide. My aunt has always called me the dog whisperer and the neighborhood calls me the animal whisperer. If anybody loses an animal they always check with me first. And my youngest, Cheunk, is always bring his friends home to play or eat and when he is tired of them he makes them leave. It's hilarious.

Kissa Starling said...

Hey Dani!

Yes, we do have something in common. Animals need people like us!

Thanks for stopping by...