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Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Spotlight: AC Katt

Did you ever have a secondary character that jumped off the page, pounded you over the head and yelled, write one for me? I’ve had one for every book I’ve written. Although I have as of this writing, only one book published, I have four others in various stages of the writing process. In The Sarran Plague, the character of Mark Stern was so enticing, that he is going to star in his own sequel, eventually.

My current novel that is in the process of submission, Shattered Glass, Sam Stein, the perennial best friend and counselor to both protagonists is waiting to pounce. The book portrays a rock band ripped apart when two of the members who were lovers quarreled. Six years later, they meet again with the help of Sam, their former manager and drummer. To regain their love they must overcome, one’s reluctance to come out of the closet, the other’s tendency to play the child, deal with a deranged stalker who knows too much and help Rick, Sam’s brother ,and their former band mate try to overcome a powerful drug addiction. Sam is there in every scene, patient, kind, but always alone.

The third character that comes to mind is Jim-Boy from, A Matter of Trust. I am working on the final draft and Jim is loveable, funny and Johnny on the Spot when anyone needs help. The two main characters, Bear Drummond and Brian Murphy are a Dominant and his sub who are trying to work through a series of catastrophes to become lovers. Brian gets a man fired for discrimination and finds himself beaten by a gang being cheered on by an old lady with sponge roller and dirty bunny slippers. Jim calls Bear and they come to Brian’s rescue, but the hero gets all the credit. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I do post snippets of my Works in Progress in my blog,, if anyone has an interest. I can also be found at, my main website. The Sarrans have a blog and a site of their own at and I am in the process of redoing my website and hopefully soon, all of these blogs will be found in a central location.


booklover0226 said...

I have recently discovered you and look forward in reading your current and future works.

The Sarran Plague sounds exciting.


Cathy M said...

Hi AC, it's great to get to know a new author. I enjoyed the excerpt for The Sarran Plague.