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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me by Lexie Davis

My birthday was the one event in my life that I wanted everyone to remember. I didn’t care if I got Christmas gifts from my relatives. I didn’t care if my husband remembered our anniversary after ten years of marriage. But, excited as a child waiting for Santa, I nearly ran down the driveway when the postman stopped to see who sent me a card.

To my surprise, there was only one card, signed and delivered from an address I didn’t recognize, handwriting I didn’t know. I frowned. Curious, I opened the fancy white flap of paper and pulled the cream-colored card from its confinements.

“Happy Birthday” was all it said in find gold script. I opened it and continued reading. “Go into the bedroom and look in the nightstand drawer.”

Thinking my husband left my gift in there, I walked up the drive to the door and tossed the rest of the mail on the entryway table before locking the front door. What was he up to? I sat the card on the bed and opened the nightstand. Inside was an envelope with my husband’s handwriting. I smiled, enjoying his scavenger hunt.

I lifted it out of the drawer and tore it open.

“There’s a surprise for you in the bathroom.” I tossed the card to the bed and opened our bathroom door to find a trail of rose petals leading to the garden tub. I gasped. Candles were lit, their flames flickering, shadows dancing along the walls. I stood there for a moment expecting my husband to jump out of the shadows. He didn’t.

A wrapped box sat on the vanity, catching my eye. On it was a card that simply said, “Open me.”

I couldn’t help grinning as I ripped the paper and opened the box. Inside was a large teal dildo with the words waterproof on the packaging. I laughed and glanced around the room. “Only my husband.”

Deciding he set the scene for me, I wasn’t about to waste it. I stripped and took the toy into the bathtub with me. Strawberries and champagne sat to the right of the tub and I poured myself a glass. I hadn’t expected my husband to go beyond the usual dinner and a movie date night we always did for our birthdays and this was a pleasant surprise. I sat back sipping the champagne and staring at the massive rubber cock I’d left on the edge.

Did he really expect me to use that thing? Did I want to?

I picked it up and tested it out. It came batteries in place and ready for immediate action. Or maybe he planned it that way? I sipped the cool champagne deciding I wanted to try it out for real. After all, it was the least I could do since he bought it for me.

The warm water sloshed against my nipples causing them to bead. The cool air surrounding me made the sensation even better. A movement caught my attention and I slanted my eyes to the doorway to see my sexy husband, standing before me. He was still dressed in jeans and a tight T-shirt from the construction site and looked pretty damn hot, if I did say so myself. He’d been sweating; his tanned skin gleaming from the droplets of moisture.

I don’t think I’d ever wanted him more than I wanted him in that moment.

“What are you doing?” he asked me innocently.

I grinned. “I was planning on trying out your new toy for me, but I think I’d like the real thing now that you’re here.” I tossed my drink back and sat the glass on the side of the tub. “Come join me.”

He bent to untie his shoes and kicked them off to the side before fisting his shirt and tugging it over his head. He crossed the room to where I was and sat on the side of the tub. “You sure you don’t want to give it a try?”

I knelt in the tub, facing him. “We’ll try it out later. Take your pants off and I’ll show you want I want to try now.”

My hands were on him before he could even move. His gaze raked over my stiff nipples making them harder, tighter with need. He pulled away to finish shucking his pants and reached for the dildo. I watched him, curious as to what he had planned, and waited for him to join me.

He slid into the water and pulled me to him. He kissed me, nibbling on my lips before saying, “Why don’t you try both?”

I knew my eyes widened by his expression. He pushed the dildo inside me and flipped the vibrator on, as high as it would go. He kissed my lips, flicking my nipples lightly with the rough pads of his thumbs. I cried out against his mouth gripping the edge of the tub behind him. He pulled the dildo out and angled it so the bottom half pulsed against my clit. I nearly screamed when I came. My whole body shuttering as I closed my eyes.

I didn’t know when he replaced the silicone cock with his hard, hot one. His hands gripped my hips and moved me up and down his length, taking me hard and fast. I arched back, resting my hands just above his knees. My nipples beaded in the cold air making me shiver with delight until his warm tongue swiped against a hard little nub.

That was all it took before I came again, taking him with me this time.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me against his hard, warm body. I couldn’t hide the permanent grin on my face.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

If only every day was my birthday.

About the author: Lexie’s love for writing began when she wrote her first play in fourth grade. With a big imagination and love for creating worlds, she wrote several more scripts that have placed first in contests. She loves to read but didn’t pick up a romance novel until high school and fell in love with the genre. Now she writes steamy stories, with heartfelt characters, letting her imagination take her wherever it may go. Visit her website at:

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