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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Kissa Starling

Art and Life

I went to Savannah College of Art and Design right out of high school. The mindset there fit me perfectly. My sculpting professor took us to Build-A-Rama for a field trip. I had to drive; the man had no car. We perused the aisles looking for neat objects to create with and I'll never forget that.

I took one of those wacky quizzes in my drawing class and it confirmed a lot of things. I'm totally right brained. A good thing? Hmm, maybe not. According to the results I would be a famous artist someday and create art that all loved and enjoyed------but I wouldn't have the financial sense to market it or make any money.

In the few short months that I spent there I learned a lot of things that would stay with me- like not to be shocked when a three hundred pound black women walks into class, disrobes, lays on the table and goes to sleep so that we can sculpt her out of clay. And how not to let your parents talk to your music teacher who, while part of the local symphony, dresses in tie-dye and hangs out at the local bars.

Everything happens for a reason. I thought I would stay in Savannah and finish school but karma had a different plan for my life. I have found that each endeavor I embark upon stimulates some sort of creativity. Painting watercolors, writing romance or planning a family scavenger hunt, they all spark something deep inside of me and make me happy. I do therefore I am.

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