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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Author Interview: Bridget Midway

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Bridget Midway, who writes multi-racial characters and/or with interracial romances "because," she said, "when you have a box of chocolates, you have to taste each one and enjoy the differences."

I asked Bridget my standard question, "How do you personally distinguish between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography?"

"Erotica is sexually explicit fiction that normally does not have a happily-ever-after ending. It's more like a slice-of-life piece of fiction," she explained. "Erotic romance is just like a standard romance story, however, the sex in it is graphic and explicit. Pornography is a word the government likes to use for a medium that makes them public. But we all know behind closed doors they're all reading it, watching it, filming it or doing it."

Bridget writes full time, plus she has a day job, so she told me she doesn't get a chance to read as much as she would like to. Her favorite authors are Jackie Collins, Anais Nin, Yvette Hines, Alexis Ke and Seressia Glass. She also enjoys Angela Knight's works. "I'm sure when I get time to read more," she said, "I'll add more to my list."

The man in her life encourages her to write. "Just on the erotic side of my story and not the story itself, I know when my erotic story is good when I jump on my man," she confided.

Bridget has always written sexually explicit works. But when she went to college and learned about what sells in fiction, she backed off from writing erotica to write sweeter romances as Crystal B. Bright. "Eventually, my true writing self came through and I went back to writing erotica," she said. "I don't find [sweet romance] challenging at all. It's fun to write because I have to be creative with the sex scenes."

Erotic romance, in Bridget's opinion, has to have a strong storyline and plot with sex incorporated in it. It can't just be a story with sex for sex sake, but the storyline should have compelling conflicts just like any other story. And, she does a lot of research to make sure she gets her details correct.

"For my BDSM stories, there's a local BDSM group that I actually hang out with when they have meetings and play parties," she shared. "Plus I'm on their Yahoo group, so if I have a question, I can post it to the group."

Bridget told me, when I asked her who she would want to be if she could be anyone, that she was pretty happy just being herself. "I have a great man, and I'm afraid my story ideas wouldn't translate into the new body," she explained.

If someone were to play her in a movie, though?

"Queen Latifah," she answered promptly. "We both have the same body type and, I think, the same sense of humor. Plus she was nominated for an Oscar. What's not to like?"

Bridget's sense of humor came through when she told me about her most embarrassing moment.

"I once wore a hideous sweater given to me as a Christmas present from a friend. It was purple, way too big for me with tassels. I figured that if I wore it at least once, then I fulfilled my friend duties."

On a personal note, she's lately become addicted to string cheese. "It doesn't help that they're individually wrapped and can be easily transported," she explained. She doesn't eat seafood of any kind, however, even though she lives on the East Coast by the Atlantic Ocean. And, she's not a big soda drinker but she can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, declaring, "Coke is smooth, while Pepis has a bite, a bit of a kick."

"Have you ever known anyone who can tie a cherry stem with their tongue?" I wondered.

"In my younger days, I had a friend who could tie a cherry stem with her tongue. Needless to say, she was REALLY popular."

Her favorite letter? "Not sure why, but I love the letter X. I think it's cool"

Strangest habit? "I have four different e-mail addresses, and I have to check them in a certain order. Plus before I write, I usually play one game of Tetris. I lose horribly but it relaxes me before I write."

Favorite toenail color? "Fire-engine red!"

Finally, I asked Bridget what advice she would give to new authors and to authors who wanted to write erotica.

"The best advice I can give to a yet-to-be-published author is to never give up and to keep writing. Once you get picked up by a publisher, the first question your editor, publisher or agent will ask you is 'What else do you have?' When your first story is published, and readers love it, they'll look for more and more from you. To keep your name out there, you have to have work published consistently. Your next book is always your best advertisement.

"I would also advise authors that erotica has to be something they truly enjoy writing. Don't do it because you think you can make a lot of money from doing it. If you don't like the genre and you're asked to write more, you won't enjoy writing anymore. Writing should be enjoyable."

You can keep up with Bridget on her website,

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